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Nutrition Services

Nutrition at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Distributing Nutritious Food to Those In Need

Many individuals throughout LA County struggle to access nutritious food. Food deserts, access to nutritious items and the costs of high-quality foods contribute to overall food insecurity.

The LA Regional Food Bank is committed to distributing high-quality, nutritious and culturally appropriate food. Shelf-stable items are easy to store and distribute, and they will remain a key part of the Food Bank’s work, but increasingly, the Food Bank is proud to provide fresh produce, healthy protein and other nutrition-rich food so that we are not only fighting hunger, but we are contributing to a healthy community.

The vast majority – roughly 90% – of food distributed by the LA Regional Food Bank is rated as nutritious, with more than half being rated as “highly nutritious.” 

The LA Regional Food Bank as a Nutrition Resource

Access to nutritious food is fundamental, but it is just the first step. The Food Bank also provides resources to utilize this food in daily life. By providing adult nutrition classes, the Food Bank helps people take the healthy food provided and convert it into nutritious meals for themselves and their families. By promoting CalFresh Foods, the Food Bank further increases access to healthy food. By providing recipes and videos through our partnership with CalFresh Healthy Living, the Food Bank provides easy-to-access resources to improve the health of our community.

The Food Bank also has nutrition programs geared to specific demographics:

Child Nutrition Program

No child should go hungry. That’s why we help fight childhood hunger through a variety of innovative initiatives.

Senior Nutrition Program

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hunger. We offer programs that provide seniors with nutritious food, including the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).

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