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Corporate Sponsorships

There are many ways your company can make a difference in the Los Angeles community. Learn about the opportunities at the LA Regional Food Bank.

Financial support is critical to the Food Bank’s ability to acquire, transport, store and distribute millions of pounds of food. By making a substantial financial donation to the Food Bank, you make a strong statement about your organization’s commitment to social responsibility and the Los Angeles community.

Cause Marketing

Create a Cause Marketing campaign in which your customers can support a cause they love, that generates awareness and funds for a non-profit’s mission, and which has the potential to increase sales for your company. These days, consumers expect companies to conduct corporate social responsibility activities, and they seek to make contributions that will positively impact their communities. A campaign with the Food Bank can be mutually beneficial by increasing profitability while making a positive impact in our community.

The LA Regional Food Bank has a strong and recognizable brand, specific to Los Angeles County. Your company can run a marketing campaign to be executed at the grassroots level directly to your customers and potential customers in our community. A campaign could be donating proceeds from product sales, point of sale promotional activities, or we can create another way for you to become involved in our mission to end hunger in Los Angeles County.

Norms ran a cause marketing campaign for the Food Bank to raise awareness and funds for the Food Bank.


Food Bank donors can be recognized in a number of ways, including listings in the Food Bank newsletter, recognition and company links on the Food Bank website and other opportunities for logo placement and potential media recognition, depending on the size of the donation.

Event Sponsorships

By sponsoring one of the Food Bank’s annual events, your company will help promote awareness of hunger in our community and the important role the Food Bank plays in feeding our hungry neighbors. Annual sponsorship opportunities include:

Online & Direct Mail Matching Gift Campaigns

Corporate Grants

Some corporations have dedicated foundations. Corporate grants support the programs, operations, and equipment needs of the Food Bank and can be a good way to show your employees that your organization is committed to supporting the local community.

The Season for Sharing Luncheon and the Taste of the Rams event provide opportunities for corporate recognition and public relations.

The Food Bank provides the equivalent of up to four meals for every dollar donated, so a fundraising campaign or virtual food drives are more efficient ways to support the work of the Food Bank.

Ralphs team at Season for Sharing 2018

FundRaising Campaigns

Corporations can also support the Food Bank through sponsorships at events, employee giving and corporate matching, creating fundraising campaigns and participating in physical or virtual food drives.

Winners for Food from the Bar 2018

The Los Angeles legal community hosts Food From The Bar each May to raise money for the Food Bank. This is a friendly competition between firms and includes components of volunteering, food drives, and raising funds. The Accounting Firms hosts a similar campaign in October called Closing the Hunger GAAP.

Volunteer Opportunities as Employee Engagement

Our Volunteer Department schedules corporate volunteer days Monday through Saturday throughout the year. The Food Bank can accommodate large groups of up to 200 volunteers. Volunteer activities include food sorting and assembling food boxes for our senior or children’s programs. Shifts are three hours in length and most companies will have a small program on the importance of the company’s corporate social responsibility programs and provide lunch for their employees.

On an annual basis, between 15,000 and 30,000 volunteers donate their time at the Food Bank, which is the equivalent of more than 77 full-time employees.

FedEx Cares Volunteers at the Food Bank

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