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Senior Nutrition Programs

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hunger. We offer programs that provide seniors with nutritious food.

Many older adults in LA County struggle to access the food they need to stay healthy. No one should go hungry in LA County, and no senior should have to choose between food and other needs like rent and medication.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hunger. Even those who receive help through assistance programs sometimes still need support to get access to enough nutritious food. Without proper nutrition seniors are at risk of increased disability, decreased resistance to infections and deteriorating mental health.

We offer programs that serve seniors, which helps them save money so they don’t have to choose between paying rent, utility bills, buying medication or purchasing food, and help combat poor health conditions.

As of June 2022, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank serves over 80,000 seniors each month through direct and indirect programs.

With the help of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), we help serve 27,800 seniors each month. Call the Food Bank 1-323-234-3030 Ext 170 to speak with a staff member who can guide you through the enrollment process and provide a referral to the nearest food distribution site near your zip code.

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