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Top 6 2023 LA Regional Food Bank Blog Posts

Top 6 2023 LA Regional Food Bank Blog Posts

Nonprofits like the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank thrive on meaningful community engagement. One effective and easy way to get involved is by advocating for work by sharing the stories of our partners, volunteers and donors who help us provide food and nutrition assistance.

This list is a quick view of the most popular stories from the year to share within your networks and help spread awareness around the growing issues of food and nutrition insecurity and how getting involved can begin by sharing a story.

1. Nearby Food Resources, such as CalFresh and its Frequently Asked Questions Answered

CalFresh signup table

CalFresh helps food-insecure individuals maximize their budget to purchase nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

The Food Bank’s CalFresh Outreach Team guides clients with the application process. CalFresh serves to help low-income individuals access healthy food options monthly while also promoting economic growth at the state and local levels, as federal funds are utilized by participating businesses like grocery stores and farmers’ markets. In honor of CalFresh Awareness Month this past May, the Food Bank included frequently asked questions about the CalFresh Program in this blog post. Find out if you are eligible for CalFresh >

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2. Local Food Banks Provide Essentials, Including Menstrual Hygiene Products

Menstrual hygiene products from the Los Angeles Regional Food BankThe Food Bank is committed to providing essential resources for our communities, including menstrual hygiene products. In 2022, the Food Bank and our partner agency network distributed 3.3 million menstrual hygiene products to 114,816 households.

“The food-insecure individuals and families that the Food Bank and our partners assist are on limited incomes and should not have to choose between rent, groceries, utilities, and essential items such as menstrual hygiene products,” said Food Bank Senior Director of Product Acquisitions and Agency Relations, Elizabeth Cervantes. “We are grateful that we can offer menstrual hygiene products to those who need them most.”

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3. LA Regional Food Bank Volunteer Spotlights

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is a top volunteer opportunity in Los Angeles County, attracting over 21,000 volunteers in 2023. Volunteers, motivated by diverse reasons, contribute to fighting food insecurity and ensuring community-wide access to nutritious meals.

During the pandemic, volunteers like Merri Weir played a crucial role, helping the Food Bank serve nearly one million individuals per month. Weir, an employee of a school district, found fulfillment in volunteering and making friends while giving back.

Ray Williams, a three-year volunteer, praises the Food Bank for its community impact. This blog looks at how these hunger heroes help the Food Bank close hunger gaps in our communities.

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4. How Inflation Impacts Local Food Banks

In January 2023, the cost of food at home surged by 11.3%, and food away from home increased by 8.2%. Notably, egg prices rose by 70% year over year. The overall inflation rate for January 2023 stood at 6.4%, surpassing experts’ predictions. This staggering inflation, particularly in food prices, disproportionately affects those grappling with putting food on the table, exacerbating their challenges.

The impact is magnified for the 2 million food-insecure individuals in LA County, including children and seniors, who lack consistent access to nutritious food. Rising food prices intensify their struggle, potentially pushing them deeper into food insecurity and making it harder to meet basic needs. Food-insecure households face difficult choices, potentially sacrificing food quality and quantity for essentials like housing, utilities, and medical expenses, with potential health consequences, especially for vulnerable populations.

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5. Food Banks Provide Diapers to Those in Need

CalFresh signup table

Without reliable access to diapers, some families may feel forced to keep babies and toddlers in diapers past the recommended length due to limited resources or attempts to wash and reuse disposable diapers. Diaper needs can lead to profound health implications, such as urinary tract or staph infections and visits to the emergency room. 

With growing levels of food insecurity in LA County and high costs of living to tend to, diaper costs for families and individuals with limited income can be overwhelming. This blog post discusses the continued importance of diaper programs for our communities.

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6. LA County Food Insecurity Rises and Impacts Local Food Banks

Data from a USC Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research survey published in May 2023 revealed a rise in food insecurity in Los Angeles. Approximately 37% of low-income Angelenos experienced food insecurity in 2022, marking a ten percentage point increase since 2018 and close to the early pandemic rate of 42% in 2020. The economic aftermath of the pandemic and the two-year inflationary cycle have left many food-insecure families and individuals struggling to afford healthy food options. Compounding the issue, SNAP benefits, known as CalFresh locally, have been reduced as pandemic-era emergency allocations ended, creating a “food insecurity cliff” for families.

The impact of recent cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is particularly severe in LA County, where the cost of living is high and food insecurity rates are already elevated. The USC Dornsife study underscores the urgent need for collaborative action among community-based organizations and local policymakers. 

The Food Bank emphasizes the essential need for access to nutritious food and calls for immediate community-wide action to ensure everyone in LA County has the nutrition they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

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Community engagement is the cornerstone of a nonprofit’s ability to make a positive and lasting difference, and we thank everyone for helping us fight hunger. Together, #WeFeedLA. 

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