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Why I Volunteer at the Food Bank

Why I Volunteer at the Food Bank

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is considered one of the top volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles County

There are hundreds of reasons why more than 15,000 volunteers choose to donate their time at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank each year. While many feel strongly about fighting food insecurity, volunteering at the Food Bank allows individuals from nearly all walks of life to make a difference in the lives of those who are unsure if they will have the next meal.

By volunteering, individuals can directly contribute to the Food Bank’s efforts to fight hunger and help ensure that everyone in the community has access to nutritious food.

As part of Volunteer Appreciation Month, the Food Bank spoke with a few volunteers to hear firsthand why they chose and continue supporting the Food Bank’s fight against hunger.

Volunteering to Fight Food Insecurity

Kevin Daley retired about six years ago. Coming from a fast-paced work environment, he wanted to find the perfect activity to keep himself busy. After giving his hobbies a try, he felt that there was still something missing. So, he decided to look into organizations that were doing good in the community, and that’s when he found the LA Regional Food Bank.

Daley came to the Food Bank to volunteer, and since then, has returned on an almost weekly basis.

“[The Food Bank] has a good cause, and that’s what I was really looking to support,” Daley said.

Giving Back and Building Lifelong Friendships

When the pandemic hit LA County, millions of people were asked to stay indoors in an effort to propagate the disease. With this action, many were unable to return to work and lost their jobs, forcing them to turn to the Food Bank and its more than 600 partner agencies in order to receive food assistance.

It was during this time that the Food Bank was serving nearly one million individuals per month. It was thanks to volunteers like Merri Weir that the Food Bank was able to have the reach it did at a crucial time.

As an employee of a school district, Weir was sent home to continue working, but when she had the opportunity, she would volunteer to distribute food with the Food Bank.

Through time, Weir enjoyed volunteering, giving back, and at the same time, making friends.

Packing Hope at the Food Bank

After volunteering at other non-profit organizations, Ray Williams finally found a place he loved at the Food Bank. From the mission to the environment to other volunteers and staff, everything fit what he was looking for and the impact he wanted to make.

It’s been three years since Williams began volunteering at the Food Bank, and since then, he’s been a weekly volunteer helping with everything including packing, gleaning, sorting, replenishing, and distributing food.

“What I love about the Food Bank is that it gives you a great opportunity to serve in the community and to help feed a lot of families who are in need,” Williams said.

It’s thanks to volunteers that the Food Bank is able to be highly efficient. To sign up for a volunteer shift or to learn more, visit LAFoodBank.org/volunteer. If time is not of the essence, consider donating to the Food Bank.

Get Involved

Consider volunteering at the Food Bank, one of the top volunteering opportunities in LA County. Together, #WeFeedLA.

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