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You can help us end hunger in Los Angeles. Start a fundraiser today!

Create a Fundraiser

Whatever your passion we can help you quickly turn it into a fundraiser to feed your neighbors! You can even tie it to an event like a birthday or wedding!

Fundraise on Facebook

Let’s FACE it, getting started with a Facebook fundraiser is so easy, you can do it from your couch! Join us on Facebook to provide hunger relief during the Coronavirus crisis.

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Start a Virtual Food Drive

Raise money for the Food Bank so that we can make sure that more fresh fruits, vegetable and meats get to those who are hungry and who, not coincidentally, need healthy, balanced meals the most.

Fundraiser Ideas

Support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank by hosting a #WeFeedLA fundraiser during your next event.
Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to share your passion for ending hunger.

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Turn your birthday, anniversary, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah or other special celebration into a #WeFeedLA fundraiser


Turn your own 5K, Turkey Trot, or other athletic event into a #WeFeedLA fundraising event

Seasonal Campaign

Start a fundraiser to support our back-to-school campaign at the LA Regional Food Bank

Young girl holding envelope with her birthday money, smiling and wearing a purple hoodie.

Create your own campaign

Turn your talents, interests, or special occasion into your own #WeFeedLA fundraiser.

How to Start a Fundraiser

How to Start a Facebook Fundraiser

How to Start #WeFeedLA Fundraiser

#WeFeedLA Fundraiser Testimonials

Manny Torres was about to turn 35 when he decided he’d celebrate his birthday by helping others. He had received a notification from Facebook about hosting an online fundraiser and, being a busy grad student, he figured that would be the easiest thing to manage, with a built-in way to get the word out to his social circle…

#WeFeedLA fundraisers support the organization’s mission to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community.


For any questions contact Kat Hernandez at (213) 234-3030 ext. 194 or katleenh@lafoodbank.org

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