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How Corporations Can Get Involved with the Food Bank

How Corporations Can Get Involved with the Food Bank

By supporting the Food Bank, corporations help feed families in need in Los Angeles County

As a nonprofit organization, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank relies on financial gifts in order to fulfill its mission that no one goes hungry in LA County. Because the Food Bank is a highly-efficient nonprofit, each dollar donated helps to provide four meals for those individuals in need.

Continue reading to find the different ways companies and corporations can get involved with the Food Bank in our fight to end hunger.

Create a Cause Marketing Campaign

Consider creating a cause marketing campaign where you’ll generate awareness and funds for the Food Bank’s mission, while potentially increasing your company’s sales and demonstrating your company’s commitment to its community.

A cause marketing campaign could be donating proceeds from product sales, point of sale promotional activities, or we can help you create another opportunity for you and your customers can join our fight to end hunger.

Match Your Employees’ Donations

Matching your employees’ donations is a great way to show them you also care about the causes they believe in while making double the impact in the community. Not only will you show your employees you care about the community they live in, but you’ll potentially boost your company culture and retention.

Sponsor a Food Bank Event

By sponsoring one of the Food Bank’s annual events, your company will help promote hunger and food insecurity awareness in our community, and the role the Food Bank plays in feeding our neighbors in need.

Corporate Grants

If your corporation has a dedicated foundation, it may choose to support one of the Food Bank programs, operations, and/or equipment needs.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Starting a fundraising campaign with the Food Bank is easy, and a great way to create friendly competition between departments, and perhaps, clients of your own. By raising funds for the Food Bank, your corporation will show that it cares about the more than 2 million individuals struggling with food insecurity in our County.

Your corporation may also consider sponsoring a food drive, hosting co-ventures, and/or round-up campaigns with your customers.

Start or Sponsor a Corporate Campaign

Your corporation may also choose to run or sponsor a seasonal corporate campaign. Some of the Food Bank campaigns include Summer Feeding Kids Program, Hunger Action Month in September, Giving Tuesday in November, and Year-End Campaign. All campaigns support the Food Bank.

Volunteer at the Food Bank

If you’re looking to do more than a financial contribution, volunteering at the Food Bank is another way your company can impact the community. Considered one of the top volunteer opportunities in LA County, the Food Bank greatly benefits from the volunteer workforce. Every year, hundreds of companies choose the Food Bank to volunteer at one of the two warehouses, or with one of the 600+ partner agencies.

Hundreds of thousands of hours are donated each year by generous community members and companies who helped the Food Bank and partner agencies glean, sort, package, and distribute food throughout all of LA County. These hours were made up by individuals in three-hour shifts, so the choice to come in and volunteer adds up and helps the Food Bank alleviate hunger in our community.

Get Involved

When you give $23 monthly, you provide a year’s worth of food to a family in need. Together, #WeFeedLA.

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