Citrus College Students, and Their Families, Benefit From Food Assistance

Citrus College Students, and Their Families, Benefit From Food Assistance

Citrus College in Glendora partners with the La Regional Food Bank to help fight college hunger

Citrus College has partnered with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank for many years to provide food and nutrition assistance on campus to students and community members in need. Nutritious food is brought to campus by the LA Regional Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) Program. Learn more about the MFP Program here >

Assistance Beyond the Classroom

“It takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders for a change,” said Ilda, a single mother who is studying to become a nurse. “Sometimes, I have to make sacrifices here and there to be able to provide for my family.”

Ilda said that it’s a big relief to take away the stress of knowing from where the next meal will come. She explained that she’d have to start selling her belongings to pay for food without this assistance. She added that she would probably need to look for other programs to help her if the food was not provided, but she has not found anything as helpful.

A nutritous option for college students

Leslie describes herself as the only one in her friend group that is low-income, but she knows many students who feel they are strapped for time and live on instant noodles. She was happy to receive fresh produce and nutritious food at the MFP distribution provided by the Food Bank and Citrus College.

“I feel more relieved,” explains Leslie. “It is my first time visiting a food distribution.”

Leslie and her family are also helping to care for an elderly woman, so the food will also benefit this woman.

A Gratifying option for students in need

Nick is studying computer science and spends time studying and working on projects. After time in class, learning new skills and coding his projects, there is little time leftover to juggle multiple jobs. Food assistance allows Nick to continue focusing on his studies without sacrificing nutrition.

Enriching A Community

If students cannot attend the distribution, they can still access the shelf-stable products provided in the Food Bank’s food kit. Staff from Citrus College take the undistributed food to one of the multiple food pantries on-site at Citrus College.

Students are not the only ones who benefit from the partnership between Citrus College and the LA Regional Food Bank. Students’ families also benefit from the food, and so do people in the local community surrounding Citrus College.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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