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Building Hope Campaign Update: Meeting the Goal and the Need

Building Hope Campaign Update: Meeting the Goal and the Need

The Food Bank met its Building Hope Campaign goal, helping increase the number of individuals we serve each month

Thanks to the community’s generosity, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is proud to announce that it has exceeded the Building Hope Campaign fundraising goal of $165 million, raising $177 million. Thank you to the more than 106,000 Food Bank donors, partners and sponsors for their continued support.

Contributions to this campaign and the Food Bank will go toward increasing the volume of food provided in Los Angeles County, reducing food waste, and increasing the number of people we reach each month. In 2019, the Food Bank Board of Directors launched this ambitious campaign to increase our capacity and the number of people that we reach each month. The campaign was co-chaired by Donald Goodman and Jane and Rob Ettinger. Other Campaign Committee members included: Keith Addis, Michael Flood, Brian & Karen Hennigan, Susan Leonard, Michael Montgomery, Robert Perille, Whitney Jones Roy, and Mark Stegemoeller. Because of the generous support of our community, the campaign was finished one year early.

Building Hope For All

Along with expanding the Food Bank’s reach and programs, the campaign enabled the Food Bank to purchase a 256,000-square-foot warehouse in the City of Industry. The Food Bank is in the process of transforming this warehouse into a state-of-the-art distribution center, which will increase capacity and efficiency. The project will increase our freezer/cooler capacity and include a volunteer center, cold dock, sustainability center, education/conference center, food kit production center and food rescue center.

In September, the Food Bank provided an updated video tour of the new warehouse. For reference, supporters may also view the first video tour of the facility here.

Our Vision: No One Goes Hungry in LA County

Although we have reached the campaign goal, the Food Bank’s work continues. With millions of individuals struggling with food insecurity throughout LA County, the Food Bank’s vision that no one goes hungry is still a work in progress.

Unfortunately, one in four children will go to school hungry, and due to the financial strains of the pandemic and inflation, families are having to cut back on meals or other essentials in order to make ends meet. Meanwhile, seniors living on fixed incomes are sacrificing medical visits and/or prescriptions in order to put food on their table. 

Throughout the campaign, the Food Bank met several individuals and families who depend on the food assistance provided by the Food Bank and one of ~600 partner agencies. Many individuals turned to our drive-through distributions for the first time as the pandemic loomed over LA County, while there were seniors who were able to eat more healthy thanks to the fresh produce distributed.

The Food Bank met a family who, despite going through their own challenges, decided to use their talents to help others who were also in need.

Before the pandemic, Alondra was in an accident that left her bedridden. With one less income at home, she turned to Food Bank partner agency Central City Neighborhood Partners (CCNP) in order to get food assistance. Even though she could not attend the distributions herself, CCNP made it easy for her kids to get the food their family needed in trying times.

As a single mother, Jacqueline has to make each dollar stretch as far as she can. With rent, utilities and gas on the rise, providing milk and diapers for her then-seven-month-old daughter was a challenge. But thanks to the Food Bank and partner agency Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services (WDACS), Jacqueline and her daughter get the assistance they need.

Your support to the Food Bank is crucial year-round. If you are in a position to do, please consider donating to the Food Bank.

Get Involved

When you give $23 monthly, you provide a year’s worth of food to a family in need. Together, #WeFeedLA.

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