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You can help your hungry neighbors in LA County put food on their table. Start an online fundraiser and rally your friends, family and coworkers for a great cause!

One in five of our neighbors in Los Angeles County suffer from food insecurity. They need your help. Host a Team #WeFeedLA fundraiser today to fight hunger in your community. Every $25 provides nutritious meals for our hungry neighbors in need.


Turn your event and/or your concern into an online fundraiser and help feed the hundreds of thousands of our neighbors in LA who are still struggling.

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Start a Virtual Food Drive

Everything is easier when you do it online, and the same is true for food drives! Hosting a virtual food drive saves you the hassle of moving heavy boxes while still providing fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and other nutritious food to those facing food insecurity in LA County.

Virtual Celebration

Turn your birthday, wedding, graduation or special celebration into one of impact with a #WeFeedLA fundraiser. The funds you raise will help your neighbors access the nutritious food they need.


Turn your next livestream event into a charity stream to benefit the LA Regional Food Bank! Our supporters have done live DJ events, roasts and gaming fundraisers.

Food Bank volunteers at Cudahy


Join us in making a difference by collecting donations via Facebook to combat hunger in LA. We’ll guide you through the simple process.

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Turn your talents, interests, or special occasion into your own virtual #WeFeedLA fundraiser.




A virtual food drive allows anyone, anywhere to participate, breaking down geographical barriers and expanding your reach beyond local confines.


Participants can contribute from the comfort of their homes, making the process more convenient and flexible for donors with busy schedules.


Virtual drives often allow the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to utilize its buying power. Through the ability to purchase products wholesale, the Food Bank can secure a greater volume of nutritious items for those in need.

How to Start a Fundraiser

How to Start a Facebook Fundraiser

How to Start #WeFeedLA Fundraiser

#WeFeedLA Fundraiser Testimonials

“I’m grateful for the goods and services provided by the LA Regional Food Bank.

This challenging pandemic made me think back to my childhood when I experience food insecurity. Now, as a mother and a business owner, I worry for the parents out there that have lost their jobs and are running out of money. I decided to donate and raise some funds to try to help, even in a small way.”


-Linda Strawberry 

 LA Food Drive

“I was born and raised in LA and once this crisis hit I was looking for ways to help. I was inspired by Meghan Swidler in New York City, who had started her own fundraiser there. Upon looking at ways that I could step up, it seemed clear that this was the best way to get involved. My birthday is coming up and I will be asking friends and family to contribute to this as well.  Those that have resources need to step up and help where they can. I’m delighted to be able to do so in my little way.”


– Danny Steiner  

Food Bank LA COVID-19

“I put together an online fundraiser for the LA Regional Food Bank because I want to support their work in providing food to local communities in need during this critical time, given the recent sharp increase in demand for food assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. I am lucky to be able to keep working from home with my family while we shelter in place. As I looked at our fully stocked fridge and kitchen, I think of those who do not have the means to do the same, whether because of ongoing hardship or recent loss of employment.  Asking my friends and family to join me in contributing cash to the food bank seemed like the most effective way to provide assistance to those who need it.”

“Velo Club La Grange, founded in 1969, is one of California’s largest cycling clubs. Cycling is largely about camaraderie and community. For many of us, the COVID-19 crisis has become a test of our compassion for those unable to enjoy the basics of food. At the urging of our membership, our Board of Directors sought to find a way to aid our neighbors and friends and the LA Regional Food Bank was a natural choice. During this difficult time, we believe that no one should be without food in LA County. Velo Club La Grange is proud to stand with our community as we get through this together. We thank our club members for their continuing support, and the LA Regional Food Bank for all that they do.”


– Marc Lewinstein

Velo Club La Grange

“During this challenging time, our team at Glo decided to fundraise for the LA Regional Food Bank because we wanted to find a way to give back to our local community, as we are stronger together. Additionally, Glo’s values align well with those of the LA Regional Food Bank, as our vision is “a world that comes together to heal,” and our Mission is “to connect people through self-care.” We are honored to help the LA Regional Food Bank in its initiative to fight hunger in Los Angeles County. To all of you at LA Regional Food Bank – thank you for the important, tireless work you are doing to help keep people fed and nourished. Your efforts are needed now more than ever. We appreciate you!”

– Mindy Welford

Team Glo

#WeFeedLA fundraisers support the organization’s mission to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community.


For any questions regarding virtual fundraisers or food drives, contact Morgan Goldstein at (323) 974-1849 or mgoldstein@lafoodbank.org

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