Top 5 LA Regional Food Bank Stories in 2022

Top 5 LA Regional Food Bank Stories in 2022

What Is and Is Not Covered With CalFresh

The core work of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank involves mobilizing resources to redirect rescued food and grocery items to individuals and families in need. The Food Bank also helps with other hunger-fighting initiatives, such as our CalFresh Awareness Program, where Food Bank staff help to guide people who may qualify for CalFresh benefits through the application process. This Food Bank story covers what people can and can’t buy with CalFresh benefits. 

Thanking Amazon for Two Years of Free Food Delivery to High-Risk Individuals, Throughout the Pandemic and Beyond

While 2020 and 2021 were difficult years for everyone, it was especially hard on older adults and people with underlying health concerns. Early in the pandemic, Amazon teamed up with the LA Regional Food Bank, offering to deliver food to high-risk individuals who were advised to stay home– donating time and free delivery services during a period of increased need. Now, two years later, the program has distributed roughly 275,000 food kits. That’s more than 5,000,000 pounds and translates to roughly 4,170,000 meals.

How a Market-Style Pantry Benefits a Community and the Environment

My Friends House is one of the nearly 600 partner agencies that receive food and products from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. In a recent interview, My Friends House Executive Director Judy Starr shared that about 75% of their inventory comes from the Food Bank. The following individuals are the beneficiaries of the generous support from the community. This blog post tells the stories of some of the people helped by My Friends House and the LA Regional Food Bank.

Seven Food Bank News Stories You Missed

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been featured in local, national, and international news stories hundreds of times in the past few years, and 2022 was no different. This blog post embeds seven of the television spots from 2022 that covered topics like the All-Star Legacy Project with the Los Angeles Dodgers, a national CBS Evening News story featuring Food Bank partner agency Friends in Deed, and multiple local news stories about inflation in Los Angeles County, and the impact on the work of the Food Bank.

Five Great Alternatives to Canned Food Drives

Canned food drives come to mind, particularly around the holidays, as a way to support food banks. While food banks and food pantries do appreciate all the donated food they can get, there are other, perhaps more efficient ways, to support these organizations. Since most of the food is donated by growers, manufacturers, and wholesalers, and since the small percentage of food purchased by food banks is purchased at wholesale prices, monetary contributions or volunteer support help food banks the most. Making a cash donation, volunteering your time, involving your company or employer in matching gifts, raising awareness on social media, and hosting fundraisers are incredible ways to fight hunger.

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When you give $23 monthly, you provide a year’s worth of food to a family in need. Together, #WeFeedLA.

More Stories from the LA Regional Food Bank

Building Hope Campaign Update: Meeting the Goal and the Need

The Food Bank met its Building Hope Campaign goal, helping increase the number of individuals we serve each month. Learn more here.

Jim Yukevich and Yukevich Cavanaugh Donation Helps Generate 1.1 Million Meals

Jim Yukevich, and his law firm, Yukevich Cavanaugh, have made a financial contribution of the equivalent of 1.1 million meals. Learn more here.

A Food Pantry That is Helping Families Stay Afloat Through Trying Times

CCNP proudly serves the Westlake and Pico-Union neighborhoods, communities that have been greatly affected by the pandemic and inflation. Learn more here.

Antelope Valley Partners for Health, Serving Its Community Despite the Challenges

AVPH works with several organizations to have a greater reach in the Antelope Valley. Learn more here.

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