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Thank You for Making Caring the NORM!

Thank You for Making Caring the NORM!

During Hunger Action Month, NORMS Customers Donated $16k to Help Fight Hunger

For the third year, NORMS Restaurants “Make Caring the NORM” campaign encouraged community members to donate $1 to their local Food Bank. In exchange, NORMS gifted their customers with coupons to use on their next visit. The Make Caring the NORM campaign shows that a little can go a long way when everyone comes together by providing 64,000 meals for people in need.

Make Caring the NORM

In Los Angeles County, 13 NORMS Restaurants participated in their annual campaign to fight hunger: “Make Caring the NORM.” Not only did their enthusiasm inspire customers to support the effort, but it helped bring awareness to the urgent and preventable issue of hunger in LA County. 2 million of our neighbors struggle to access adequate, healthy food on a consistent basis. As people in the business of feeding people, NORMS felt compelled to make a difference. Because of their campaign and commitment to hunger relief, the community raised $16,000 to help those in need, just in time for Thanksgiving.

“Every dollar donated through our Make Caring the NORM program helps to serve up to four meals to those in need,” said NORMS’ President & CEO Mike Colonna. “We are grateful to partner with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as part of National Hunger Action Month and our 70th anniversary year.”

Social Responsibility and Good Partnerships

Cause Marketing campaigns give clients or customers the opportunity to support causes they already love, and they give companies an opportunity to demonstrate their social responsibility and their values in action. Annual Cause Marketing can also build trust with brands and give customers something to look forward to and feel good about.

Ultimately, the goal of these campaigns is to generate awareness and funds for mission-driven work being done in the community, like that being done by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. But they also have the potential to increase sales for partner companies. Many consumers now expect companies to conduct corporate social responsibility activities, while seeking out ways to make contributions of their own. A campaign with the Food Bank can be mutually beneficial by increasing profitability while making a positive impact in LA County.

Let’s Find a Way to Work Together

A Cause Marketing campaign with the Food Bank could run any number of ways, including  proceeds from product sales, point of sale promotional activities and roundup campaigns. But the bottom line is, if an organization has an idea to raise funds and awareness to fight hunger for our hungry neighbors, we want to hear from you and see if we can make it happen.

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