The Number of People Seeking Help from the Food Bank and our Partner Agencies has Tripled

The Number of People Seeking Help from the Food Bank and our Partner Agencies has Tripled

As a nonprofit organization, the LA Regional Food Bank relies on the generosity of the community to continue our critical work. During the holidays, Food Bank direct distributions, and distributions provided throughout our network of 700 partner agencies, remains dramatically high. The number of people reached through these programs has tripled since the outbreak. Before the pandemic, roughly 300,000 people found help through the Food Bank, and now after the outbreak, that number has increased to 900,000.

Here are just a few of their stories.

First-Time Food Recipients Provide Masks, Wanting to Give as They Receive

This LA Family is new to food insecurity after months of reduced income. Many families who earn income from the entertainment industry, in this case, the music industry, have experienced reduced hours or a total loss of income for more than half of a year.

Many seniors, children, families and individuals who receive food from the Food Bank or our Partner Agencies are new to food insecurity and are seeking help for the very first time, such as the family in this video. Initially, they resisted coming to food distributions knowing that others may need the food more, but now after 8 months of reduced income, they felt they had no other choice. They wanted to give back, so they donated hand-sewn masks to be provided to those in need.

The Food Banks began providing extra drive-thru food distributions like this one to take the pressure off of our network of 700 partner agencies. Drive-thru distributions grew out of the Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) Program which delivers food to under-served areas.

With USC reporting 1 in 4 families in LA County facing food insecurity, and with estimates suggesting 50% of LA County workers are facing financial hardship due to the pandemic, all areas of LA County need extra help during this challenging time.

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Mother Facing Reduced Hours Is Thankful for the Help She Is Receiving During This Hard Time

This dermatology office worker attended a recent drive-thru distribution to provide food for her family after facing reduced hours. She describes how difficult it was in the beginning, but there are lots of resources that are helping her through this tough time, including the LA Regional Food Bank.

Juana Attends Distributions to Provide Food for Her Children, and So She Can Pay Critical Bills

“I’m not the only parent out here that’s struggling,” said Juana. “I can’t imagine how many other parents are here.” Just about a year ago, Juana was homeless and although everything was working out for her for the past year, she describes how everything that was moving forward, now feels like it is moving backwards. She is homeschooling her children and the Food Bank helps her provide food for the family.

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Food Recipient Living in a Senior Park Describes the Need and the Value of Food Assistance

Tens of thousands of our seniors struggled with food security before the pandemic. Since March, however, that number has soared. One reason is that many of our seniors live in multigenerational households that have experienced a loss in income. Yet, the rent is still due. Medicines need to be paid for. For too many seniors in Los Angeles, food has become a luxury. 

We are working all-out to keep up with the extraordinary demand for food from all segments of our community — including seniors. The Food Bank is here for our community in such desperate need because of good people like you.

The holiday season is especially challenging for many in our community. During this season, when so much of our celebration with family and friends is centered around food, many of our neighbors are confronting food insecurity for the first time. 

Please make another tax-deductible donation today to the LA Regional Food Bank. We will put it to work immediately, getting good, healthy food to those in need.

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