Post Advisory Group Provides More Than 240,000 Meals to Fight Hunger in LA County

Post Advisory Group Provides More Than 240,000 Meals to Fight Hunger in LA County

Post Advisory Group Raises More Than $60,000 for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

*These photos were taken BEFORE the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Post Advisory Group is a leading multi-strategy, value-oriented asset manager specializing in global high yield and senior loans. As the pandemic continues, Post Advisory Group took action by starting a Team #WeFeedLA fundraiser to benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Thanks to their support, they have helped the Food Bank to make a difference during these unprecedented times when our hungry neighbors need us most. 

“Post Advisory Group wanted to do something to help those struggling due to the economic impact of COVID-19, so we decided to support and raise funds for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. We chose the Food Bank because of their scale and impact, helping to feed over 900,000 people each month in our community,” said Jeffrey Stroll, Chief Investment Officer.

Fighting Hunger During the Pandemic

Since the onset of the pandemic, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been working endlessly to help provide meals to those affected and struggling with food insecurity. Starting a Team #WeFeedLA fundraiser was an easy decision for Post Advisory Group because they wanted to provide meals to people in need, especially during this challenging times. The staff at Post Advisory Group gathered their network and raised more than $60,000. Their generous contributions and match will help the Food Bank provide more than 240,000 meals. 

“The Food Bank’s Team #WeFeedLA program made it easy for the generous employees of Post Advisory Group to donate,” said Ronald Falls, Jr., Chief Operating Officer. . . “We are proud to have provided enough funds for more than a quarter of a million meals.” 

Thanks to generous contributions from organizations like Post Advisory Group, the Food Bank can continue to fulfill its mission: to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community. Our hungry neighbors need our support now more than ever. Join our fight against hunger during these trying times, and become a Team #WeFeedLA member by starting your fundraiser. 

Together, #WeFeedLA.


The number of food-insecure individuals in Los Angeles County has grown markedly and includes many people who are brand-new to food assistance. Please consider making a donation or starting your own fundraiser.

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