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Planned Giving: How to Make a Long-Lasting Contribution to Your Community

Planned Giving: How to Make a Long-Lasting Contribution to Your Community

By becoming a member of the Feeding LA Tomorrow Legacy Society, you can make a lasting impact for generations to come

Through the past 50 years, since the founding of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the need for food assistance has only grown. The COVID-19 pandemic and the most recent inflation have impacted our communities, forcing working households with multiple incomes to seek food assistance through the Food Bank.

When you include the Food Bank in your estate plan, your generosity helps mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community and help those individuals and families in need.

Who You’ll Help

Hunger in LA County has many faces. The Food Bank works hard every day to serve 900,000 individuals each month. Approximately one-fourth of our food goes to children, while roughly one-fifth is distributed to seniors. 

While many believe that the Food Bank solely serves the unhoused, it is estimated that only 10% of the food distributed goes to the homeless. The majority of our food goes to low-income families and individuals who sometimes struggle to make ends meet in this expensive location that we all call home.

Meet Lay Salter, a veteran and a vital recipient of the nourishment your support provides.

When we met Salter, he had a year with profound challenges, including two surgeries and the completion of chemotherapy. Despite facing personal hurdles, Salter remained optimistic about his future. Your generosity lies at the heart of this support.

Salter expresses his gratitude, saying, “We want to thank everyone who donates, works, and spares their time to provide this food–we appreciate everything you do!”

Why Choose the LA Regional Food Bank?

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is a highly-rated nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hunger in Los Angeles County. By donating to the Food Bank, you contribute to our mission of providing nutritious meals to those in need. 

Additionally, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank operates efficiently, ensuring that 97% of your donation goes directly towards feeding those struggling with food insecurity. As of December 2023, the Food Bank served 900,000 individuals each month throughout the County through direct and indirect distributions, programs and our Partner Agency Network.

By adding the LA Regional Food Bank to your will or living trust, you will be making a meaningful impact and supporting your community when they need it most. To learn more about Planned Giving, please visit our Planned Giving page. You can also contact Debra Beadle, Director of Planned Giving, at dbeadle@lafoodbank.org or (323) 234-3030 ext. 270.

Remember, together #WeFeedLA.

Get Involved

When you give monthly, you provide food to a family in need. Together, #WeFeedLA.

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