Love Catering Partners with the LA Regional Food Bank

Love Catering Partners with the LA Regional Food Bank

Love Catering will donate a meal to someone in need for every person they serve


Love Catering has launched a strategic partnership with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to provide meals to the one in five individuals in LA County facing food insecurity.

“We will be donating a meal for every guest that we serve at our events. Our goal is to provide 50,000 meals to those in need,” announced Jonathan Darr, President and CEO.

Love catering is a full-service catering company with a dedication to the local and sustainable ingredients and specializes in creating custom and distinctive experiences. They are also a Green Certified Business.

“To find out that one in five Angelenos doesn’t have enough food is heartbreaking. We really care about what we do. We have a commitment to our environment and our community. We share a passion for feeding people,” said Darr.

Jonathan Darr, President and CEO, Love Catering


Love Catering recognized that the LA Regional Food Bank is one of the best charities to partner with in LA, at least from their position as a LA-based food company. “The Food Bank is a perfect partner for us, seeing that we are in the food industry. I think the Food Bank is the best partner because they feed over 300,000 people each month (in our community,” commented Darr.

Because of generous donations from socially responsible corporate partners, like this one from Love Catering, the Food Bank can provide nutritious food to those in need. Food assistance helps our neighbors in need to prepare well-balanced meals for themselves and their families. Access to nutritious options means families will not have to resort to cheaper foods that are low in nutritional value or to go without food altogether.

The Food Bank has provided enough food for more than 1.1 billion meals since its inception in 1973.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee engagement volunteering is a great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility. In addition to their monetary donation, the team at Love Catering also came in to help sort fruit that will be distributed through our child and senior programs. Many companies bring in their employees for volunteer days as a part of team building and to show the importance of corporate social responsibility to their staff.

The Food Bank relies heavily on volunteers to sort, pack and glean food. In 2018, more than 37,000 volunteers donated their time to support the Food Bank. These work hours are equivalent to approximately 77 full-time employees.

Jonathan also brought his family in as Family and Friends volunteer days, one of the few days during the year that children under 14 can volunteer in the warehouse. “I want to give an example to my children that it is very important to take care of other people.”

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