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Los Angeles Business Journal Honors FedEx and Jim Yukevich at 2024 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards

Los Angeles Business Journal Honors FedEx and Jim Yukevich at 2024 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards

At the 2024 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards hosted by the Los Angeles Business Journal (LABJ), two remarkable Los Angeles Regional Food Bank partners were celebrated: Jim Yukevich of Yukevich Cavanaugh and FedEx. These distinguished honorees have exemplified unwavering commitment and generosity in supporting our mission to alleviate hunger in Los Angeles County.

Jim Yukevich: Philanthropist of the Year

Jim Yukevich, his law firm Yukevich Cavanaugh, and his friends and family continue to embody the spirit of philanthropy through their steadfast support of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Over the years, they have provided millions of meals, underscoring their unwavering dedication to combating food insecurity in our county.

Each year, Yukevich calls his friends and family and asks them to support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Inspired by his father, who encouraged him to give back to the community, Jim fundraises for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank each year, which allows millions of meals to be distributed throughout Los Angeles County.

Yukevich’s commitment extends far beyond financial generosity. By actively participating in Food Bank events like Season for Sharing, they provide essential food assistance and elevate awareness surrounding the plight of food insecurity. Their selfless acts of charity serve as a beacon of hope for countless individuals facing economic hardship.

FedEx: Outstanding Collaboration Between a Business and Nonprofit

In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, FedEx employees passionately rallied together, demonstrating their dedication by packing nearly 5,000 food boxes at our City of Industry warehouse. This heartfelt effort, part of FedEx Cares’ “50 by 50” campaign, is a testament to their ongoing commitment to impact the lives of 50 million individuals positively. This event was significant to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, as in 2023, the Food Bank was also celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Beyond their invaluable volunteerism, FedEx has been a steadfast financial supporter, donating enough funding to provide millions of pounds of nutritious food to our community’s children, individuals, and seniors. Their holistic approach, blending hands-on involvement with substantial financial contributions, underscores their deep-rooted compassion and solidarity with our community.

The Food Bank extends heartfelt congratulations to FedEx and Jim Yukevich. We also thank the entire Los Angeles community, whose support sustains our mission. Together, we reaffirm our commitment to nourishing people in LA County.

Join Us in Making a Difference

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank invites you to join us in our ongoing efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity. Whether through volunteering, financial contributions or spreading awareness, your support strengthens our collective impact and brings hope to those facing adversity.

Together, we can build a future where no one in Los Angeles County goes hungry.

Learn more about how you can make a difference at LAFoodBank.org.

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