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LA Regional Food Bank Proudly Partners With Desert Reign Church

LA Regional Food Bank Proudly Partners With Desert Reign Church

How Local Food Banks Positively Impact Growing Food Insecurity in LA County

In Downey, CA, the Desert Reign Church stands as a pillar of community support, committed to uplifting its residents through various acts of service. Among its impactful initiatives is its partnership with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which directly addresses the pressing issue of food insecurity in LA County.

The cornerstone of Desert Reign Church’s fight against food insecurity involves a drive-through food distribution event hosted twice a month, providing an essential opportunity for community members to access vital nutritional food resources. The church will see about 250 families on average at these distributions, shares Outreach Director Leonardo Lopez. 

For some individuals, such as retiree and cancer survivor Felipe Murillo and his wife and caretaker, Clara, the food box they receive is a miracle. “From vegetables to salads, protein; everything is provided here,” Murillo said. “These people work very hard so that we’re okay. When I say everyone, I mean the entire community. The food we get here helps us a lot because the majority of protein we consume comes from here. So when we go to the supermarket, we just buy what’s needed. The food quality is great, and we have a healthier life because we don’t have to worry much because we have saved money to pay for rent, electricity, gas, gasoline, car bill, car insurance.”

Food and Nutrition Insecurity Doesn’t Discriminate 

Lopez feels that anyone can face food insecurity at some point and having a safe place for families and individuals seeking food assistance is essential. “We know that it’s hard and that it’s been hard and we love to be able to have a space for people.

In 2022, Lopez shared that Desert Reign picked up about one million pounds of food from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and other local partners. As food insecurity levels have increased, according to USC Dornsife, the services and partnerships of local food banks are as crucial as ever. 

Additionally, thanks to a capacity grant through the Food Bank, Desert Reign acquired a freezer, refrigerator, an electric pallet and more shelving, increasing their overall reach and ability to provide for their community.

When you donate today, your support will benefit hunger relief efforts and community partners like Desert Reign Church.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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