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Strengthening Resilience: LA Regional Food Bank Hosts Great ShakeOut 2023

Strengthening Resilience: LA Regional Food Bank Hosts Great ShakeOut 2023

In a significant stride towards earthquake preparedness, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank proudly hosted this year’s Great ShakeOut Southern California media event on Thursday, October 19, 2023. The Great ShakeOut is an annual earthquake drill involving millions of participants worldwide, aimed at improving earthquake safety. For this year’s media event, the LA Regional Food Bank’s drill and ongoing seismic retrofit were showcased, along with subject matter experts, exhibitors, the ReadyAmerica “Big Shaker” simulator and a live demonstration/simulation of what to do during an earthquake. Learn more about ShakeOut and earthquake safety at ShakeOut.org.

As a vital part of the social safety net in LA County, it’s imperative that the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank ensure our operations can withstand the impact of natural disasters like earthquakes. In the event of an earthquake, disruptions in the food supply chain, or other factors, could exacerbate food insecurity locally. It is critical that the Food Bank operations are resilient and can scale up accordingly in the event of a natural disaster. This means simulations and training for Food Bank team members and reinforcements to physical infrastructure. 

Thanks in part to funding from the FEMA, administered by Cal OES, the LA Regional Food Bank’s seismic retrofit project is currently underway. This voluntary seismic retrofit project enhances the resilience of existing Food Bank buildings by building full-height shear walls, reinforcing structural elements, and securing warehouse items to prevent accidents during shaking. The importance of this endeavor cannot be overstated, as it ensures the Food Bank’s ability to store and access food in the aftermath of a major earthquake.

During the Great ShakeOut event, attendees were able to receive tours of the LA Regional Food Bank to learn more about the fight against hunger and see the work in progress on the earthquake retrofitting project. 

This event at the LA Regional Food Bank marks a significant step in our journey to strengthen our operations, ensuring that we can continue to serve the community in times of crisis. As we celebrate our 50 years of service, we remain dedicated to our mission of combating hunger and making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Rising Food Insecurity

As of October 2023, a staggering 30% of county residents are grappling with food insecurity. It is evident that our services are needed now and into the future. The LA Regional Food Bank and its partner agencies have experienced an increased demand for food assistance, serving an average of 870,000 people monthly.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been fighting hunger for 50 years, and continues to alleviate food and nutrition insecurity for everyone in need of assistance in Los Angeles County. Your support, whether through donation or volunteering, is instrumental in making a difference in our community.

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