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KCRW Listeners Donate More Than $15k for the Food Bank

KCRW Listeners Donate More Than $15k for the Food Bank

During Their Fall Membership Campaign, KCRW Encouraged their Community to Give Back

Instead of receiving a cap or a mug, many KCRW listeners opted instead to donate to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. The three-week, on-air fall campaign provided more than 60,000 meals for our neighbors in need, just in time for the holidays.

Partners in the Fight Against Hunger

KCRW has been supporting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank since 2012 through membership drives and events. In that time, they have donated the equivalent of more than 1 million meals for people facing hunger in our community.

Brandon DeVine
Brandon DeVine, Sr. Communications Manager & Drive Producer for KCRW

“The greatest gift people can give is one that helps others,” said Brandon DeVine, Sr. Communications Manager & Drive Producer for KCRW. “When we can align with a direct service organization, it speaks to our community in a powerful way. We cover stories of income equality, housing and the resulting problems that come with that. Offering to support the Food Bank while you’re supporting KCRW makes donors feel doubly good.”

It Feels Good to Give Back

KCRW’s membership campaigns don’t just raise money for the Food Bank, they raise awareness. By offering the chance to support the Food Bank as a membership gift on the air, KCRW publicizes the work the Food Bank does to address food insecurity– not only to donors but to community members who might need to access Food Bank services. “We knew many of our supporters didn’t want another t-shirt or mug (attractive as ours are),” said DeVine, “But if we could let people give a gift to someone else forgoing their own, we knew it could be powerful.”

And, it was powerful. Some of the listeners shared what it means to be able to support the Food Bank:

“I’m a single mom with no child support. I know what it is like to be food insecure. This is why I gave to the food bank. I love KCRW and have it on all day. Thank you.”

– Marion W., Los Angeles

“We love you KCRW and we love you even more for partnering with the LA/SB Food Banks. Our family doesn’t have a lot of disposable income, but we really wanted to do our part. We’re ecstatic that our donation to KCRW also helps the LA Regional Food Bank. It makes us happy to see that our little donation goes a long way to help our community. Keep up the good work because we need your services now more than ever.” 

– Clarissa P., Granada Hills

“I am so grateful to KCRW for all that it gives my family. Great music, important news, and always a diverse array of the coolest events and culture around Los Angeles. I am also glad this gift can ensure that fewer people in our community go hungry, especially this time of year. Thank you LA food bank and KCRW for all that both of your organizations provide for our community.” 

– Stephanie & Frank R.

KCRW Volunteers
KCRW Volunteers helping out at the Food Bank, 2017.

This Is What Community Looks Like

The Food Bank’s relationship with KCRW is an excellent example of two trusted, community-oriented organizations coming together to achieve mutual growth, support and something larger than themselves. When this happens, the whole community benefits.

“The LA Regional Food Bank does such amazing work,” DeVine said, “Providing critical services to and for our community, while operating within a mission statement that is very much aligned with KCRW’s own values and goals – community-focused services that enrich, nourish and provide vital information to our listeners”

You Could Fundraise For The Food Bank Today

You don’t need a radio station to raise enough money to make a difference. The Food Bank launched WeFeedLA.org to empower community members to fundraise for the Food Bank in a way that is fun or meaningful to them. Turn your next match, race, event, party or Tuesday afternoon into a Team #WeFeedLA Fundraiser and you’ll not only be raising funds to support the Food Bank’s mission but sharing your passion for helping others throughout your network of friends and loved ones.

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