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Joining the Feeding LA Tomorrow Legacy Society: Tami

Joining the Feeding LA Tomorrow Legacy Society: Tami

Feeding LA Tomorrow Legacy Society member Tami shares her story of how she plans to support generations to come with a lasting gift

By supporting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank through a one-time or monthly donation, you’re helping feed hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout LA County through direct and indirect programs today and tomorrow. However, by becoming a member of the Feeding LA Tomorrow Legacy Society, you’ll be helping feed generations to come.

By joining this Society, individuals make a lasting impact that transcends their own lifetime. It’s not merely about providing meals for today but about creating sustainable solutions that will benefit future generations. 

From Volunteer to Legacy Society Member

Around 12 years ago, Tami made the choice to volunteer at the Food Bank. She enjoyed volunteering and, even more so, volunteering with her mother. After her initial volunteer opportunity at the Food Bank, Tami continued to volunteer, as she connected with the cause and always had a great time volunteering.

“It was really overwhelming to realize that just a few hours of my time had that much of an impact,” she said.

Soon after, the law firm she used to work at was looking for a volunteer opportunity, and Tami didn’t hesitate to endorse the Food Bank. Her firm decided to turn their volunteer opportunity into an annual event, and even after her retirement, the firm continued to volunteer at the Food Bank in honor of Tami.

Through her years of volunteering, Tami also became a donor. So when she was working on her estate plan, she didn’t think twice about supporting the Food Bank’s mission of alleviating hunger and, at the same time, supporting the hundreds of thousands of individuals who continue to struggle with food insecurity throughout LA County each month. 

“I worked hard in my career, and I saved some money,” Tami said. “I definitely have family to leave it to, but you can do both. I really want to feel that I’ve made some positive mark on the world. In addition to helping my family, I want to help my community.”

The impact of joining the Feeding LA Tomorrow Legacy Society extends far beyond the individual. It serves as a beacon of hope for future generations, inspiring others to take action and become stewards of change in their own right. By leaving a legacy of compassion and generosity, members of this society are helping to build a stronger, more resilient community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Together, We Feed LA today and tomorrow.

To learn more about adding the Food Bank to your estate plan, please visit our Planned Giving webpage or contact Debra Beadle, Director of Planned Giving, at dbeadle@lafoodbank.org.

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