Jim Yukevich and Yukevich Cavanaugh Donation Helps Generate 1.1 Million Meals

Jim Yukevich and Yukevich Cavanaugh Donation Helps Generate 1.1 Million Meals

Long-time supporters of the LA Regional Food Bank, Jim Yukevich, his law firm, Yukevich Cavanaugh, members of the LA legal community, and other people in his circle have again demonstrated their incredible generosity with a financial contribution large enough to create the equivalent of 1.1 million meals for people who face food insecurity in Los Angeles County.

Coming during a time when inflation is putting financial strain on households, this donation can make all the difference for people who are struggling to make ends meet. Jim Yukevich’s website, yukelaw.com, states plainly: “Yukevich Cavanaugh was built around giving back, which is something that drives our work as a practice today. We came together to create something meaningful, and that’s why we partner with organizations like the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help ensure everyone in our community has access to nutritious food.” With their help, the Food Bank has been able to provide meals to those in need throughout LA County- a major accomplishment in this difficult economic climate.

By partnering with the Food Bank and participating in Food Bank events, such as Season for Sharing, Jim Yukevich and Yukevich Cavanaugh provide food assistance to many individuals, but also have been instrumental in raising awareness around food insecurity in Los Angeles County and helping to sustain the Food Bank’s mission. In 2019, Yukevich was honored with the LA Regional Food Bank’s Fighting Hunger Giving Hope award at the annual Season for Sharing Luncheon. Jim Yukevich said, “No one in our country should go hungry, and I am proud to have helped provide nearly two million meals to those in need in our community. I am honored to be recognized by this impactful organization and join with them in their mission to end hunger.”

Over the years, Jim Yukeich and the people in his circle have made enough monetary donations to create millions of meals for people in LA County. The LA Regional Food Bank extends our sincerest thanks for their steadfast commitment to helping end hunger in LA County. Their selfless acts of charity are truly inspiring and deeply appreciated.

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