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Individuals and Families Leave Pride Aside and Attend Food Pantries In Order to Make Ends Meet

Individuals and Families Leave Pride Aside and Attend Food Pantries In Order to Make Ends Meet

Different hardships push individuals and families to seek food assistance from local food pantries

For many individuals, something as simple as attending a food distribution is a difficult task, and a huge sacrifice. While some people feel embarrassment or shame, we want to remind people that this donated food needs a home, or will otherwise go to waste. There is no shame in accessing food assistance in order to feed yourself or your family.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has worked to provide food assistance to hundreds of thousands of families each month, meeting them with the dignity and respect they deserve. The same can be said for its partner agencies, like Word International in Eagle Rock, who work tirelessly to serve their neighbors.

Job Loss Pushes Families to Seek Food Assistance

The Food Bank met Fabiola at Word International, a food pantry and partner agency of the LA Regional Food Bank. Fabiola had been going for the last three months. At first, she said, she was hesitant to go. She had never asked for government assistance, let alone food assistance. She and her partner had steady jobs, but then suddenly, she didn’t. 

The loss of income hit her family of five hard. With the growing cost of food and other living expenses, she had no choice but to seek food assistance.

“If it weren’t for the help we receive here, we wouldn’t make it through the month,” Fabiola said.

A Growing Need in the Community

Fabiola’s story isn’t unique. It’s also not the first of the kind, nor will it be the last. Individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet, and even more so when unique situations like Fabiola’s happen suddenly. 

Although California saw a net gain of 205,200 jobs from July 2023 through March 2024, according to recent data from the Federal Reserve of Economic Data, nearly 483,000 California residents lost their jobs in the first quarter of 2024, whereas about 30,000 jobs were lost in the last quarter of 2023. The need in LA County continues to be great and will continue to rise as everyday life brings different challenges.

If you would like to get involved, consider donating to the Food Bank and helping families like Fabiola’s. Remember, Together We Feed LA.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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