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Chrissy Teigen and Cravings Team Fights Food Insecurity

Chrissy Teigen and Cravings Team Fights Food Insecurity

Multihyphenate mogul Chrissy Teigen and her dynamic Cravings team made this year’s Giving Tuesday, a movement built upon shared humanity and generosity, at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank even more notable on November 28, 2023, when they volunteered for an afternoon shift to help pack and organize food resources for those in need at the Food Bank’s City of Industry distribution center. Teigen and her team joined a group of individual and group volunteers to prepare food kits, each intended to help alleviate the growing hunger levels being faced by food-insecure families and individuals burdened by the overwhelming financial and economic pressures–no less during the holiday season.

The food kit assembly line hummed with a collective sense of purpose and the volunteers’ commitment to making a tangible difference resonated throughout the space. Teigen’s philanthropic spirit and culinary, crave-worthy expertise added a profound significance to the day’s proceedings. She enthusiastically helped pack shelf-stable food products, including rice, into food kits, embodying the true spirit of generosity that defines the essence of Giving Tuesday.

She and her team’s involvement transcended into a heartfelt connection with the local community and the noble cause. Her passion for food and an empathetic spirit sent ripples of inspiration beyond the special occasion of Giving Tuesday. As she contributed to the food kit production, her actions spoke volumes about the transformative power of leveraging one’s platform for meaningful change.

Under Teigen’ ‘s leadership, the Cravings team brought their luminary presence to the event and infused it with authentic warmth and sincerity. Their collective efforts underscored the idea that giving back can be as gratifying and enriching as the delectable dishes that have become synonymous with the Cravings brand. 

Her ongoing, invaluable support of the Food Bank includes donating 100% of the proceeds of her best-selling baking mixes, benefiting the LA Regional Food Bank last holiday season during the December 11, 2022, special event at Westfield Century City shopping center.


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The day immediately after the event, Teigen launched a fundraising campaign to honor her 38th birthday, encouraging her supporters to donate to the mission of the LA Regional Food Bank, hoping to raise $38,000.


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“Thank you to Chrissy Teigen and the Cravings team for their invaluable support of the Food Bank on Giving Tuesday,” said LA Regional Food Bank Chief Development Officer, Roger Castle. “Their dedication and commitment to provide both volunteer support to pack food kits as well as provide financial contributions through Chrissy’s birthday fundraiser is incredibly significant towards helping to provide food assistance to children, seniors, families and individuals facing food insecurity. Chrissy’s warmth and philanthropy embody the power of leveraging one’s platform for change.”

A day marked by shared purpose and heartfelt contributions, the echoes of Teigen and her team’s commitment lingered, a poignant reminder that the recipe for a better world encompasses a generous blend of passion, compassion and a willingness to extend a helping hand. 

Like many nonprofit organizations, the LA Regional Food Bank relies on our community members’ generosity and is deeply grateful for engaged community members such as Chrissy and her Cravings team on this Giving Tuesday and beyond. Together, #WeFeedLA

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