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How to Find a Nearby Food Pantry

How to Find a Nearby Food Pantry

Partner agencies are crucial to the mission of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Made up of food pantries, soup kitchens, and other organizations, there are currently over 600 partner agencies that exist all over LA County, so odds are, there is one not too far away no matter where you live in LA County. These partner agencies are different organizations from the Food Bank but are essential collaborators as we come together to fight hunger in our community. Partner agencies receive food products and other grocery items from the Food Bank, and distribute them to those locally. While the Food Bank does provide food directly to those in need through Food Bank programs, the majority of food is distributed via this partner agency network.

Because Los Angeles County is so large, it is important to find the food assistance resources closest proximity to your home so that receiving food assistance is as convenient as possible.

Use Our Food Pantry Locator to Find the Closest Option for Nutritious Meals

Go to LAFoodBank.org/findfood to take advantage of this useful tool. Simply input your address and you can find a list of our agencies nearest to you.

Look for food pantries and soup kitchens, which distribute food at various intervals. Their websites will have useful information such as their address, how to receive food, and the dates and times of their regular distributions. It is recommended that you call the partner agency in advance to confirm the distribution details just to be sure before you commute to the location. The LA Regional Food Bank and our partners exist to provide nutritious food to people in need, so don’t feel shy about getting the help you need for as long as it is needed.

Call 211

If visiting our website is not an option, people in need of food assistance can also dial 211 and navigate the menu options to locate food resources nearby.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Provides Nutritious and Healthy Meals Through Its Partners

On top of non-perishable items, the Food Bank also delivers fresh produce, protein, and dairy. In fact, 17% of the food distributed by the LA Regional Food Bank in 2021 was fresh produce, and the vast majority of all food distributed is rated as nutritious. The Food Bank’s fleet of refrigerated trucks transports fresh foods to agencies that often have limited refrigeration so that it stays fresh for anyone in need of food assistance. With the help of partner agencies, and through Food Bank programs, the Food Bank distributes between six and ten million pounds of food each month. In 2021, it distributed more than 26.4 million pounds of produce.

Remember to call the partner agency before visiting a food distribution to confirm distribution details, especially if there are any questions about dietary restrictions or preferences. Also, some partner agencies offer other services in addition to food distribution, including shower facilities, counseling, and other services.

The Different Types of Distributions You Might Find on the Food Bank’s Website

Whether virtual or in-person, fundraising is an exciting way to share a passion with family and friends while fighting hunger. Consider turning a walk-a-thon, brunch, gaming contest, DJ live stream, or other event into something that benefits your food-insecure neighbors. You can also utilize talents like baking or crafting to have an amazing impact.

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