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How Can I Fight Hunger?

How Can I Fight Hunger?


Can one person really make a difference? If you come to take a tour of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, you will hear about Tony Collier. The Food Bank was started in 1973 in Pasadena by Collier, and with nearly 50 years of serving Los Angeles County, it is one of the longest-operating food banks in the country. What one person started with a pickup truck and a garage has transformed into one of the largest food bank’s in America, and in almost 50 years, has distributed more than 1.83 billion pounds of food to our community – the equivalent of 1.5 billion meals.

Food is one of the most basic and essential necessities of life, and yet, 1 in 5 individuals in Los Angeles County are struggling with food insecurity. Throughout the month of September, Hunger Action Month, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank asks supporters to raise awareness of the many ways we can help our neighbors in need.

The following are different ways you can help fight hunger in LA County.

The Impact of Cash and Time Donations

Thanks to generous food and product donations from growers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and others, the Food Bank is able to serve more individuals and families. That’s why, at the Food Bank, $1 donated is the equivalent of four meals. A one-time donation of just $25 can provide up to 100 meals for those in need, and $23 per month provides a year’s worth of food to someone in need.

But if your budget is tight and a financial contribution is not possible, volunteering at the Food Bank is another way to serve your community. Considered one of the top volunteer opportunities in LA County, the Food Bank greatly benefits from the volunteer workforce. Every year, tens of thousands of individuals come to the Food Bank to volunteer at one of the two warehouses, or with one of the 600+ partner agencies.

In 2021, nearly 160,000 hours were donated by generous community members who helped the Food Bank and partner agencies glean, sort, package, and distribute food throughout all of LA County. These 160,000 hours were made up by individuals in three-hour shifts, so your choice to come in and volunteer adds up and helps the Food Bank alleviate hunger in our community.

Host a Virtual Food Drive

Hosting a virtual fundraising event for the Food Bank is another great way to support your community. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or any day fundraiser, you’ll gather friends, family, colleagues, and others to get involved in fighting hunger in LA County. To learn more, visit our Team #WeFeedLA page>

If you would like to help the Food Bank raise funds, but you are not in a position to make a standard financial gift or start a Virtual Food Drive, check out these other unique ways to give, including cars, stocks and crypto >

Raise Awareness on Social Media

Staying informed and involved is an important way to support the Food Bank. By staying up-to-date and sharing our stories, you can spread the word to your immediate friends and family on the importance of fighting food insecurity in our communities.

Join us Around the Table

Throughout September, the Food Bank plans to raise more awareness around food insecurity and energize our community to get involved in hunger relief through the “Around the Table Social Media Campaign.” This campaign reinforces that no matter the education level, employment status, or ethnicity, every person deserves to have a meal to look forward to around the table. Learn more about the Around the Table campaign and how you can get involved>

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