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How a Veteran Uses a Food Pantry to Carry Himself Through the Month

How a Veteran Uses a Food Pantry to Carry Himself Through the Month

Samuel Williams is a retired veteran, and after falling on hard times, $23 in CalFresh benefits isn’t enough. The Food Bank and its partner agencies are here to help.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of individuals are faced with choosing between paying rent or a bill or sacrificing a meal. However, with everyday needs and essentials rising in price, many don’t have a choice and are forced to give up their homes, hurting their overall health and well-being.

In some of these instances, veterans who served our country and fought for our freedom are being forced to make these decisions. The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank recently met a gentleman at the Iglesia El Lirio de los Valles in Lancaster, one of the hundreds of partner agencies and food pantries spread throughout LA County.

Like many, Samuel Williams fell on hard times. As a veteran, Williams receives his social security check and retirement, however, that wasn’t enough to pay for his home and other necessities, causing him to lose that home.

At the time of our interview, Williams had been living in motels. He continues to receive retirement every month, but when he applied for CalFresh, he was awarded a minimum of $23 a month. In a time when food prices have skyrocketed, $23 a month isn’t enough to even cover the basics.

For Williams, attending food distributions like the one available at Iglesia El Lirio de los Valles means the world. Here, he is able to get fresh produce that he loves and other items that will help him get by.

“This is a life-saving event for me,” Williams said. “I’m just doing my part to make myself available to whatever you have to offer. Last month it was such sustenance that I appreciate it, and it carried me through the month.”

There are many other stories like Williams throughout Los Angeles County. If you would like to help our neighbors in need with nearby food, consider donating to the Food Bank. One person can make a difference.

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