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Food Drives vs Fundraisers: What Helps More?

Food Drives vs Fundraisers: What Helps More?

Why Donating is More Impactful (and easier) Than Food Drives 

While the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank appreciates donations in any form, creating a fundraiser will take your impact a step further. Learn how your fundraising efforts help the Food Bank serve more clients more efficiently.

The Cycle of a Food Drive

Every year, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank receives hundreds of inquiries from individuals looking to host a food drive to collect and donate food. There are several steps that take place before the Food Bank receives donated food items. If needed, our team provides collection boxes for anyone hosting a food drive. Individuals have the option to pick up boxes at the Food Bank or they can be shipped, which can be costly and time-consuming. We provide these boxes to accommodate our food drive partners with the hope that the boxes will be full of food once returned, but is not always the case. 

After the food items are delivered to the Food Bank, they are processed and sorted to ensure clients receive high-quality products. Food items that do not meet the quality standards (i.e. expired and dented cans) are thrown away, which yields less food that can be distributed. Although food drives support the fight against hunger, it is an inefficient method of providing high-quality food to our hungry neighbors in need.

3 Reasons Fundraisers Are Better Than Food Drives

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank receives generous product donations throughout the year from vendors, grocery stores and other food distributors. In 2019, nearly 82 million pounds of food and product was distributed to our community; that is equivalent to 66 million meals. Food drives make up about 2% of the food distributed to our community and require much more staff time and resources. 

If you are looking to take your impact a step further, here are 3 reasons why you should create a fundraiser:

Every $25 donated can provide enough food for 100 healthy meals. You might be asking yourself, “how is this possible?” Thanks to our generous partnerships with vendors, grocery stores and food distributors we receive millions of pounds of food for free or at a low cost. We typically have 30,000 volunteers each year, providing free labor to glean, sort and organize the food. Obtaining products in bulk makes it cost-effective for the Food Bank to receive fresh, nutritious and high-quality food for our hungry neighbors in need.

Donations take your impact further than canned food items. We work with 600 partner agencies across all areas of Los Angeles County. Partner agencies request food from the Food Bank based on the need of their clients. Monetary donations make it possible for the Food Bank to purchase and provide most-needed food items.

Fewer resources are used when you start a fundraiser. The Food Bank’s work is highly efficient. Every $25 donated can provide up to 100 meals, and 97% of all revenue goes to programs. The food drive cycle is inefficient and uses many of the Food Bank’s resources, which is costly and reduces the impact.

Start a Fundraiser in 3 Easy Steps 

When looking for your next philanthropic activity with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank we hope you consider creating a fundraiser. If you would like to continue hosting a food drive for us, that is also great! Why not do both? Creating a fundraiser is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Visit LAFoodBank.org/wefeedla
  2. Select “Start a Fundraiser” and register
  3. Promote your fundraiser by sharing your unique link to your friends, family or anyone who wants to support the fight against hunger in LA County 

If you need any assistance with your next fundraiser please contact Kat Hernandez at 323-234-3030 Ext. 194 or katleenh@lafoodbank.org

Support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank by hosting a #WeFeedLA fundraiser.

Together, #WeFeedLA

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