Support the Fight Against Hunger with PayPal and Venmo

Support the Fight Against Hunger with PayPal and Venmo

Getting Involved and Helping the Food Bank Support Families in Need is Now Even Easier

With inflation in the US reaching a 40-year high, everyday essentials such as food, housing and gas prices have all gone up by 9.1% when compared to last year, reports the Associated Press. These price increases increase the need for food assistance. With the community’s help, the LA Regional Food Bank and our partner agency can continue our essential work and now even more seamlessly through PayPal and Venmo.

When you contribute $23 monthly, you help provide a year’s worth of healthy food to a food-insecure individual. Now you can seamlessly do so with PayPal or Venmo. When you contribute $23 monthly, you help provide a year’s worth of healthy food to a food-insecure individual. Supporters looking to donate through Venmo can directly contribute from their Venmo account to the Food Bank on the platform under @LARegionalFoodBank.

How the Food Bank Distributes 4 Meals for $1 Donated > 

In 2020 and 2021, the Food Bank was in the headlines, similarly to other food banks across the country, as families were experiencing even more financial hardship due to the ongoing pandemic and its economic fallout. Miles of parked cars playing on multiple news stations were becoming the norm as many food-insecure families, both new and familiar with food insecurity, were turning to help for food assistance.

Food banks are back in the news. However, it is due to historical inflation. Low and middle-income families have a harder time absorbing price increases during current inflation when their budgets are already fixed. The Food Bank and our partner agency network throughout LA County are seeing a natural increase in food assistance from working families, many with multiple jobs, who are struggling to make ends meet.

Help End Hunger Today

Many food insecure individuals, older adults, children and families are struggling with increased prices of essentials such as food and fuel. Please help support those who need our help the most. Your contribution is critical in distributing nutritious food to food-insecure families who may have to choose between buying healthy food and the high cost of living in LA County. Give monthly via PayPal. Donors can give one-time gifts on the Food Bank’s peer-to-peer pages through Venmo.

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