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Desert Reign – A Food Pantry for the Community

Desert Reign – A Food Pantry for the Community

The Food Bank partner agency serves hundreds of families in Downey and surrounding communities

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank strives to provide food assistance to those in need year-round throughout LA County. It’s through partnerships with 600+ partner agencies and other entities that the Food Bank can reach 900,000 individuals each month as of November 2023. 

Desert Reign Church in Downey is one of the Food Bank’s partner agencies that help maximize our reach in LA County. Thanks to this agency, hundreds of families can receive food assistance year-round or in a time of need.

A Food Pantry That’s a Blessing to Maria’s Family

Like many, Maria has fallen on hard times. With her husband retired, Maria suffered an incident that forced her to go on disability leave. The amount her husband received in retirement, her disability check and her son’s paycheck, is still not enough to cover all the expenses in her household. 

Maria looks for different ways to save money in order to pay rent, the gas bill or extend her grocery budget, including couponing. Fortunately, Maria has found another good option for her, and that’s attending the Desert Reign food distribution. Here, Maria gets just what she needs for her household, plus a bit more for when her grandkids visit.

Francisco is Thankful to Have Local Free Food Resources

Not so long ago, Francisco used to provide everything for his family. As the lone breadwinner, he was responsible for paying the rent, bills, and buying groceries for a family of three – himself and his parents. But then, after retirement, a variety of illnesses struck Francisco. What should have been a time to enjoy the fruits of hard work turned into a nightmare.

Now, Francisco has to not only continue providing for his parents but worry about keeping up with medical bills, medications, rent, utility bills and food. With what he receives from his retirement, it’s simply not enough to cover all costs. He’s thankful to have found Desert Reign Church in Downey to help him provide for his family.

The need for food resources is needed in our communities year-round. Consider donating to the Food Bank and making a strong impact in your community.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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