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CalFresh Emergency Allotment Finished A Month Ago. What Does it Mean?

CalFresh Emergency Allotment Finished A Month Ago. What Does it Mean?

The CalFresh Emergency Allotment Ended in March, with hundreds of thousands of families being affected in Los Angeles County

The CalFresh emergency allotment ended in California at the end of March, meaning thousands of families in Los Angeles County will now receive hundreds of dollars less in benefits going forward. This cut comes at a crucial time when certain staple food items continue to be on the rise, as well as other basic necessities like rent, utilities, and transportation. 

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has seen how families in LA County have suffered the dire consequences of food insecurity. In 2022, the Food Bank provided over 110 million pounds of food and other items to families in need, including those who have never sought assistance before. Unfortunately, the reduction in CalFresh benefits will further aggravate the already critical situation for these families, depriving them of the crucial aid they require to secure their meals.

The Importance of CalFresh

CalFresh, known as SNAP nationally, and formerly known as Food Stamps, is a food assistance program that helps people to stretch their food dollars so they can buy more fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. In order to be eligible for the CalFresh program, there is an income and assets eligibility process, and from there, an Eligibility Benefits Transfer (EBT) card will be issued to the individual and/or household with a set monthly stipend to be spent strictly on food products.

To more than four million families in California, the CalFresh program has been a lifeline as many struggle to make ends meet. The emergency allotments have provided crucial support to low-income households, enabling them to put food on the table and avoid hunger.

The Food Bank and its Partner Agency Network Helps After Funds Deplete

Before the CalFresh emergency allotments ended, the funds that individuals and families received were able to last anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Now, without the extra funds, many will have to turn to Food Banks for additional assistance in order to have these essential resources consistently available throughout the month.

The Food Bank and its more than 600 partner agencies reach hundreds of thousands of individuals across LA County, providing food assistance to those part of the CalFresh program, as well as to those that aren’t eligible. At these distributions, individuals may receive fresh fruits and vegetables, canned and bagged goods, dairy products, meats, as well as household essentials that may not be covered by CalFresh.

Find a Food Pantry Near You

Receiving additional assistance from the Food Bank when CalFresh benefits deplete can be a life-changer for families in need. The Food Bank has agencies throughout Los Angeles County, from Long Beach to the Antelope Valley. If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance, please visit the Food Bank’s Food Pantry Locator for the nearest distribution.

If you are not in need of food assistance and wish to support those in need, please consider donating to the Food Bank.

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about CalFresh, or to register, please complete this form and someone from the Food Bank team will contact you.

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