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Building Hope Campaign Update: Building into the Future

Building Hope Campaign Update: Building into the Future

Construction at the LA Regional Food Bank’s City of Industry Warehouse continues to make strides

At the beginning of 2023, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank successfully met and succeeded its goal of fundraising $165 million as part of its Building Hope Campaign. Through this campaign, the Food Bank raised sufficient funds to purchase and renovate a facility in the City of Industry that will allow the Food Bank to expand programs and increase operational efficiency and storage capacity.

The support and funding come at a critical time when the need for food assistance in LA County remains high. The Food Bank now reaches hundreds of thousands of people each month as many low- and middle-income families are impacted by inflation of essentials, including everyday essentials like food, rent, utilities, and transportation.

In 2022 alone, the Food Bank distributed 110 million pounds of food and product, the equivalent of 88 million meals.

Since the last update in September 2022, there has been significant progress in constructing the new facility. The Food Bank is on track to finish the renovations of the new warehouse in early 2024. 

In the last update, the Dock Office was still under construction, but as of June 2023, the office is now occupied and running smoothly as the headquarters for shipping, receiving and order selection.

To meet the increasing demand for food assistance, the facility is being refined with enhanced storage capabilities, specifically through the addition of more pallet racking to accommodate a greater quantity of both dry and fresh food products. Notably, the implementation of a refrigerated dock will enable the Food Bank to ensure optimal temperature control for its food items, preserving their freshness. While the construction of the refrigerator and freezer is still underway, progress has been made, and they are projected to be operational by early Fall.

The construction of the Volunteer Engagement Center is currently in progress, with the aim of providing volunteers with an environment for engagement, host safety trainings, and ample space between their production shifts. Additionally, the S. Mark Taper Foundation Food Rescue Center will serve as a designated area for volunteers to gather and sort donated food, effectively preventing the wastage of perfectly good, nutritious resources. As part of the developments to this Center, a drainage system is being installed to facilitate easy cleaning of the area at the conclusion of each shift.

The Food Bank has many naming rights for important areas of the new facility including the entire Food Distribution Facility, the Loading Dock and Food Receiving Area, and the Operations Center. For more information and a list of all giving opportunities, visit LAFoodBank.org/building-hope. 

Stay tuned for the next update on the new facility as the Food Bank continues with the next phases of construction. This facility helps us complete our essential work, however, without the involvement of our donors, volunteers, and supporters, we cannot fight hunger. Together, #WeFeedLA.

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