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All Peoples Community Center’s Food Pantry Helps Stretch Marisol’s Grocery Budget

All Peoples Community Center’s Food Pantry Helps Stretch Marisol’s Grocery Budget

In a time of need, the Center’s food pantry helps families put food on the table

Going grocery shopping continues to be a nightmare for many individuals and families throughout Los Angeles County. To add to that, rent, utility bills and gas prices continue to be on the rise, impacting the bottom line of households with one or even multiple incomes.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and its partner agencies have seen the impact of inflation in our County, with an increased demand for food assistance, and as of August 2023, serving 9 percent more people on average in recent months compared to late 2022/early 2023. And with the end-of-year festivities around the corner, the demand will likely continue.

All Peoples Community Center is one of the 600 nonprofit organizations that work with the Food Bank to help feed food-insecure individuals and families throughout LA County. Located just south of Downtown Los Angeles, many of their food recipients walk to the Center to receive the food assistance they need to get by. Additionally, the Center also offers other items, such as menstrual hygiene products and diapers for those in need.

A Food Pantry Helps Marisol and her Family Pay the Rent

Marisol is one of the hundreds of individuals who attend the food distribution at All Peoples Community Center. With a family of six and two adults working full-time, she has a lot of mouths to feed but not that big of a grocery budget. Additionally, she has an infant son, which means diapers and wipes have also skyrocketed in price.

Thanks to the help she receives at All Peoples Community Center, she can stretch her dollars and properly feed her family. 

“You go to the grocery store and get five items, and it comes out to $70 or $50,” Marisol said. “And here, they help me a lot with that.”

Families like Marisol’s aren’t the only ones struggling. If you would like to help those individuals and families in need, consider donating to the Food Bank, where 97% of revenue goes directly to programs.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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