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After-School Meals Help Families Stretch Their Budget

After-School Meals Help Families Stretch Their Budget

The Food Bank Supports Charitable Agencies to Provide Healthy Meals for Children

Eating Well so They Can Excel

Genera lives in an apartment with four of her children and her husband. Her family benefits from multiple Food Bank programs through a local agency, which she says helps to alleviate her family’s worries about nutrition. “Here, in this program, they teach us what kids should be eating and what they give us has helped us a lot to feed our kids.”

Three of Genera’s children are enrolled in a karate class at CCNP, a Food Bank partner agency. After class, they take part in the Food Bank’s After School Meal Program. “I always bring them here for karate or art and because they are given food after,” she says. “It’s like motivation for the kids, so they don’t want to give up. They know when karate is over they will have something to eat.”

Pantry Distributions Supplement Families’ Nutrition

Mother and her two children, a smiling boy and girl, holding up their art work.CCNP also facilitates a Food Bank pantry distribution on Thursdays, which Genera says is a great help as well. With four children at home and the high cost of childcare, Genera is not able to work. “Only my husband works, and sometimes his job is not stable,” she says. “Sometimes, he only works two or three hours. That’s when it affects us, at the end of the month when we have to pay rent.”

The meals Genera’s children receive through the After School Meal Program, and the healthy groceries they receive through the weekly pantry distribution, help her family stay nourished while also allowing them to save money for other bills.

Genera says it is a joy to be able to share fresh fruits and vegetables with her family and gets excited talking about her children’s plans for the future. “Each one already has a vision, they think about what they want their future to be,” she says.

Thank You

Because of community support and generosity, many families like Genera’s are able to receive the help they need to keep their families healthy and their children shooting for the stars. “The mothers of the children who come here, including me, would only like to say ‘thank you’ to those giving the food,” Genera says. “I’m very grateful because they have helped us a lot.”

Help Us Do More

We know you agree that no child should ever go to bed hungry. Please consider making a monthly donation of $23 or more so we can provide hope and proper nutrition for more families like Genera’s. Just $92 feeds a family of four for a whole month.

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