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A Food Pantry That Gives Hope in the Antelope Valley

A Food Pantry That Gives Hope in the Antelope Valley

Iglesia El Lirio de los Valles is one of the Food Bank’s partner agencies that offer hope to those who are food-insecure in the vast Antelope Valley region

While many believe the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank serves only LA City, it actually serves all of LA County, including communities from Long Beach to the Antelope Valley where food deserts and a lack of reliable transportation can determine whether an individual or family gets to eat the next day.

Within 10 miles south of the Los Angeles County limit line in the Antelope Valley is the Iglesia El Lirio de los Valles, one of the more than 600 partner agencies that help the Food Bank distribute food to individuals and families in need in Lancaster.

A Free Food Resource For Those in Need

A few blocks east from the 14 Freeway on Avenue I, dozens of families start lining up early outside of the Iglesia El Lirio de Los Valles waiting to receive a box of food that will help carry them and their families through the month.

The food and products they receive are the reason why people come to the Church, with inflation impacting everyone’s wallets. However, it’s the customer service that Pastor Jose and his congregation provide that has them coming back. When the Food Bank visited the Iglesia El Lirio de Los Valles, it was a hot day with the mercury reaching over 100 degrees. Members of the Church set up canopies and distributed cold water to food recipients as other members finished setting up.

Once the food was set up, individuals and their families were able to go through the line and receive fresh produce, diapers and menstrual hygiene products, if needed, as well as dairy products and protein. According to Pastor Jose, the distribution provides food for around 100 to 150 families each week, where 95% of the food is provided by the Food Bank.

“Our vision is to have an impact in our community, and there is a greater need in this moment with inflation, everything going up,” said Pastor Jose. “We like to take pride in our service to the community.”

How a Veteran Uses a Food Pantry Make Ends Meet

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank recently met a gentleman who is greatly benefiting from these food distributions. 

Like many, Samuel Williams fell on hard times. As a veteran, Williams receives his social security check and retirement, however, that wasn’t enough to pay for his home and other necessities, causing him to lose that home.

For Williams, attending food distributions like the one available at Iglesia El Lirio de los Valles means the world. Here, he is able to get fresh produce that he loves and other items that will help him get by.

“This is a life-saving event for me,” Williams said. “I’m just doing my part to make myself available to whatever you have to offer. Last month it was such sustenance that I appreciate it, and it carried me through the month.”

Individuals and families across Los Angeles County are in need of our help. If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank.

Join the fight against hunger!

If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the Food Bank and supporting our programs.

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