6 Ways to Celebrate Hunger Action Month

6 Ways to Celebrate Hunger Action Month

This September, help the Food Bank energize the fight against hunger

September represents Hunger Action Month, a nationwide campaign launched by Feeding America to raise awareness about food insecurity. Hunger is a year-round problem, but the campaign offers a chance to celebrate the Food Bank’s work, and continue our efforts in conjuntion with our Partner Agency Network, donors and volunteers to fight hunger in Los Angeles County.

Hunger Action Month Inspires Reflection and Resurgence

Feeding America first established Hunger Action Month in 2008, motivating a national push to address food insecurity. The LA Regional Food Bank is a member of Feeding America’s widespread network, which serves more than 46 million people and encompasses over 200 Food Banks. The campaign prompts us to reflect on the Food Bank’s work, as we consider how to continuously improve and expand our reach. 

With the highest inflation rate in 41 years, this September represents a particularly crucial Hunger Action Month. March 2022 marked the busiest month since June 2021 for the Food Bank, and demand for food assistance has remained high throughout the spring and summer, with distribution numbers still more than double those of the pre-pandemic level. Combined with high inflation, pandemic-related furloughs, layoffs and lost working hours continue to force many new families towards food assistance.

  Currently, the Food Bank serves 600+ partner agencies, supplements school district meals, prepares food packages for seniors and organizes drive-through distributions to help support around 800,000 people each month. Since March 2020, the Food Bank has distributed over 268 million meals. If you are in a position to do so, please honor Hunger Action Month by helping the Food Bank continue this work. Read below for 5 great ways to contribute:

6 Ways To Recognize Hunger Action Month:

At this time, some food banks in other parts of the country, especially those that purchase large percentages of their food, started to describe low food inventory. Fortunately, about 90% of the LA Regional Food Bank’s food is donated, so the rising cost of food wasn’t as big of an obstacle in Los Angeles County as in other parts of the country. However, rising energy prices increase the cost of food transportation and storage, which does affect the Food Bank’s budget.

1. Donate

Just $1 can provide up to 4 meals for those in need. If you’re able, please consider a financial contribution to the Food Bank. Explore our page for one-time or monthly donation options, and be sure to check if your company maintains a Matching Gift program, which might double or triple an employee donation. Other helpful ways to give include donating stocks and unwanted cars, or joining our FeedingLA Tomorrow Legacy Society to participate in planned giving.

2. Volunteer

We’re incredibly grateful for the tens of thousands of volunteers that help unload, sort and glean food each year. You can volunteer as an individual or group, host a volunteer event or sign up as a Volunteer Ambassador. You can also help at a partner agency or contribute from home by creating hygiene kits for families at food distributions.

3. Organize a Fundraiser

Whether virtual or in-person, fundraising is an exciting way to share a passion with family and friends while fighting hunger. Consider turning a walk-a-thon, brunch, gaming contest, DJ livestream or other event into something that benefits your food-insecure neighbors. You can also utilize talents like baking or crafting to have an amazing impact.

4. Sponsor a Food Bank Event

Demonstrate your company’s social responsibility and care for the community through choosing a corporate sponsorship opportunity or engaging with the Food Bank through Cause Marketing. You can make a difference for those in need, expand your company’s scope and build employee camaraderie by partnering with the Food Bank.

5. Meet Us Around the Table

During September, aka Hunger Action Month, the Food Bank plans to raise more awareness around food insecurity and energize our community to get involved in hunger relief. The Food Bank calls on our supporters to share selfies and bird’s eye views around their respective dinner tables with the hashtag #AroundTheTable.

6. Raise Awareness Through Social Media

If you post about the Food Bank or food insecurity, you help us expose the hunger crisis and educate community members about our cause. Social media mentions may also help your food-insecure neighbors find our accounts and access important resources. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to get the latest stories and learn about upcoming events.

There are so many incredible ways to fight hunger. For Hunger Action Month, consider showing love for your community by helping feed your neighbors. Families across LA County benefit from your support.

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