5 Coronavirus Questions for the Food Bank CEO, Michael Flood

5 Coronavirus Questions for the Food Bank CEO, Michael Flood

President and CEO of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Michael Flood, provides answers to commonly asked questions amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Question 1: What is the best way to help the Food Bank during this disaster?

The best way to help is to make a financial contribution. These funds can used immediately to support emergency distributions and to meet the increase in demand.

Question 2: Does the LA Food Bank have enough food?

For the time being, the Food Bank’s has considerable food resources with more than 11 million pounds of food in inventory.

Question 3: How is the Food Bank helping Seniors during this time?

The Food Bank normally served tens of thousands of seniors in our community. We are now looking at options for home delivery to access those seniors who are more at risk to COVID-19 do not have to leave their homes.

Question 4: Is the Food Bank an “essential service”?

The Food Bank and our partner agency network are deemed “essential service by Los Angeles County and the State of California. These distributions are critical to families and individuals who are not meeting their basic needs.

Question 5: Are more people need food assistance?

Yes, the demand for food assistance has increased. We have increased food distribution by 20% this month, so we have already felt the initial impact of the Coronavirus outbreak.


“I want to thank the many supporter who have supported the Food Bank with financial contributions to the Food Bank, so we can reach more people in our community during the significant increase in the demand,” said Michael Flood, president and CEO.

Michael Flood has served as the Chief Executive of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank since 2000. Michael serves on the Board of Directors of several organizations including Board Chairman of Emergency Network Los Angeles. ENLA is a coalition of nonprofit organizations, along with government and private-sector partners, with some disaster response function. ENLA serves as the forum where organizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle—preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation — to help disaster survivors and their communities.


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