Client Story: Laura

Client Story: Laura

Mother with her two young boys.
Laura and her two sons, Daniel and Diego, at CCNP.

Summer break is right around the corner, and it is important to remember that the summer months are especially difficult for families with children. 1 in 4 children in Los Angeles County face food insecurity, and many of them rely on school meals which are not available when they are on summer break. Both childcare and access to healthy meals are challenging for parents who struggle to make ends meet.

Laura is a mother of two young boys. Daniel, 5, is enrolled in karate classes at Central City Neighborhood Partners (CCNP), where Laura learned about the Summer Lunch Program.Young boy in stroller holding an apple.

The Summer Lunch program allows Laura to save some money to pay other bills. Her family also has more money for healthy groceries. “The meals Daniel receives here allow us to purchase more fruits or other foods we may need at home,” Laura says.

“These programs have helped my family because we have limited financial resources and the food program provides some relief. Sometimes we cannot provide meals and at least here, they can provide an extra meal that is nutritious.”

CCNP is one of 64 sites that facilitate the Summer Lunch program throughout LA County, in partnership with the Food Bank. They receive food and food safety training from the Food Bank in order to provide healthy meals for children living in food-insecure households. The program serves 100,000 meals to children during the summer.

“I would personally give the donors and volunteers many thanks for all of the work that they do to make these programs possible,” Laura says. “This area and many other communities face a lot of need, which is often not visible, but people definitely need this help in order for kids to eat hot meals and live healthy lifestyles.”

You can help us provide even more nutritious food for families in our community by giving the gift of hope today.

Hunger doesn't take a vacation. While 1 in 8 people in our community face
food insecurity, for children, the number is closer to 1 in 4.

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