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Tally Sheet                                            Site Rules                                              Site Rules (Spanish)

Tally Sheet              Site Rules              Site Rules (Spanish)

Medical Statement                            Medical Statement (Spanish)          Milk Substitution Form

Medical Statement              Medical Statement (Spanish)              Milk Sub

How to Calibrate a Thermometer 


After school meal program. child and adult care food program (cacfp)


Weekly Meal Count                           Temperature Log                                   Justice For All poster

Weekly Meal Count Form 2015              temp log                 Capture

CACFP Contact List (2016-2017)

Child and Adult Care Food Program


Summer lunch program / summer food service program (sfsp


Weekly Meal Count (On-Site)          Weekly Meal Count (Field-Trip)        Field Trip Form

Weekly Meal Count Form 2014.ON-SITE               Weekly Meal Count Form 2014.FIELD TRIP                Field Trip Form

Temperature Log (On-Site)             Temperature Log (Field-Trip)            How to Use Gloves Properly 

Temperature Log.ON-SITE              Temperature Log.FIELDTRIP                 UseDisposableGlovesProperly

How to Fill out Weekly Report with Field Trip Invoices 

how to fill out lunch and ft



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