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Supporting Families in La Puente Through a Food Distribution: A Community Comes Together

Supporting Families in La Puente Through a Food Distribution: A Community Comes Together

In a testament to the spirit of unity and support, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank recently hosted a vital food distribution event at Rimgrove Park in La Puente. This initiative underscores the ongoing commitment of the Food Bank to address nutrition insecurity across Los Angeles County.

The need for such initiatives is profound, as evidenced by the personal testimonials of local residents. Alicia Ruiz expressed her gratitude, emphasizing the collective effort to provide sustenance to those in need. “I’m not getting enough work hours, just working two or three days per week, but we eat every day,” she shared. “I want to thank everyone who collaborates in all of this.” Carmen also underscored the significance of community support, praising the collaborative efforts of organizations like the Food Bank. “The County of Los Angeles, the food banks, you guys are great,” she exclaimed. “You are out here helping the community, making the world go round!”

Alicia Martinez echoed these sentiments, highlighting the crucial role of food assistance in her family’s budget. “We need the food more than anything else because, for me, it is the most expensive thing in the budget,” Martinez said. “I have two children, 17 and 18 years old, and they consume a lot of food! It is a great help for us and we thank all the people supporting us from the bottom of our hearts.”

Jessie Nagano illuminates the critical role of food distributions in alleviating financial strain. “Any financial help is much appreciated,” she emphasized. “We are very much grateful.” Her words underscore the profound impact of community support in providing much-needed assistance to families facing economic challenges.

Such testimonials underscore the tangible impact of initiatives like the Rimgrove Park food distribution. Michael Flood, President and CEO of the LA Regional Food Bank, emphasized the importance of partnerships in driving these efforts forward. “It’s a really great pleasure to be here in partnership with the County and many other groups,” he remarked. “We really do this work in partnership in order to be able to get food out to the communities throughout Los Angeles County.”

Supervisor Hilda Solis echoed this sentiment, acknowledging the ongoing challenges faced by many families in the region. “The cost of living continues to be high for many of our communities and family members,” she acknowledged. “And we want to give a big round of applause to the LA Regional Food Bank.”

Through such partnerships and the community’s generosity, initiatives like the Rimgrove Park food distribution become possible. As the Food Bank continues its mission to combat food insecurity, the support and collaboration of all stakeholders remain essential in the fight against hunger.

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