Scott Kolbrenner Donates Wheel of Fortune Winnings to LA Regional Food Bank

Scott Kolbrenner Donates Wheel of Fortune Winnings to LA Regional Food Bank

Scott Kolbrenner Won $145,000 on the Popular Television Show, Wheel of Fortune, and Gave Half to the Food Bank

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic fallout, many have seen the news stories featuring the long lines of cars waiting to receive food from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and network of Partner Agencies. However, the issue of food insecurity was serious even before the pandemic, with 1 in 5 people living in LA County struggling to access nutritious food on a consistent basis. Now, following the onset of the pandemic, that need has increased dramatically and the LA Regional Food Bank and network of Partner Agencies reach roughly 900,000 people in need each month – nearly 1/10 of LA County’s population.

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Long-time LA Regional Food Bank supporter Scott Kolbrenner watched these developments and understands that it takes the entire community to fight food insecurity. In March 2021, Scott, a donor of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, appeared on Sony Pictures Television’s long-running game show, Wheel of Fortune, starring Pat Sajak and Vanna White. He promised his wife, Caryn, before the show: if we win anything, we are going to support those charities that are helping to make a difference in our communities.

“While I hoped I would do okay on the show, I never thought that anything like this could happen,” Kolbrenner said after his win. “I got lucky that day and knew right away that I wanted to share my good fortune.” He and Caryn kept their word and donated all of their winnings equally to the LA Regional Food Bank and another long-time charity supported by the Kolbrenners.

Not only does his generous donation help our neighbors in need, but his incredible gesture helps to raise awareness for the important issue of food insecurity which unfortunately will still impact our community long after COVID-19 passes from the daily headlines.

The Food Bank is working hard to reach everyone who is in need of food assistance, and it is thanks to the entire community’s generosity that the critical work of the Food Bank is possible.

Again, thank you to the Kolbrenners and everyone else who is supporting the Food Bank financially.

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