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You are playing a big role in my son’s well-being – thank you

You are playing a big role in my son’s well-being – thank you

Irma, a mother and teacher, at a partner agency
Irma has a son in the Summer Lunch Program.

“By providing meals for my son, you help me save money to pay other bills.” -Irma

Summer is harder for us because we lose access to school meals. Healthy foods like milk, meat, fruits and vegetables are not cheap. Last summer was my son’s first year with the Food bank’s Summer Lunch Program and he loved it! He said they even had watermelon.

My name is Irma and I am 26 years old. I live in Los Angeles with my mother and my two sons. My youngest is three months old and my mother helps me take care of him while I am at work. My oldest is nine years old and participates in the After-School Meal Program during the school year and the Summer Lunch Program during summer vacation.

I am a part-time associate teacher at my son’s school. I see firsthand how the Food Bank’s programs benefit not only my son, but many other families in the community as well. The variety and the quality of the food that is provided to the children is amazing, whether it’s nachos or fruits and vegetables.

Your effort and generosity have really paid off for people like my family and me. As a parent, I am extremely grateful.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank works with a network of more than 600 charitable partner agencies throughout LA County. We recently visited Para Los Ninos in Los Angeles and interviewed parents with children enrolled in Food Bank programs. Irma shared her story.

Hunger doesn't take a vacation. While 1 in 5 people in our community face
food insecurity, for children, the number is closer to 1 in 4.

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