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SoCalGas Partners with LA Regional Food Bank to Fight Hunger in LA County

SoCalGas Partners with LA Regional Food Bank to Fight Hunger in LA County

SoCalGas again partnered with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank this year to combat hunger in Los Angeles County. This partnership saw SoCalGas volunteers lending their time, and energy and included a substantial $25,000 donation to support the Food Bank’s crucial mission. This is in addition to generous giving in recent years, including $100,000 in 2023.

At the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s new distribution center in the City of Industry, SoCalGas employees joined forces with a team of other volunteers and LA Regional Food Bank staff. Food was packaged for later distribution, which helped address the pressing issue of food insecurity in the local community. Andy Carrasco, Vice President, Communications, Local Government and Community Affairs and one of the SoCalGas Volunteers, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for being part of such a vital initiative. He emphasized the significance of collective efforts to fight hunger in LA County.

Scott Drury, CEO of SoCalGas, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the company’s commitment to supporting the communities it serves. Drury emphasized that SoCalGas views its role as extending beyond providing energy services, recognizing the profound impact of actively engaging in initiatives like those led by the LA Regional Food Bank.

Sara Mijares, Vice President and Controller at SoCalGas, shared her reflections on the experience, expressing profound gratitude for the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. She highlighted the humbling nature of knowing that a few hours of volunteering could significantly impact those in need.

Mijares also commended SoCalGas for its unwavering dedication to community involvement, noting its proactive approach in facilitating employee opportunities to give back. She emphasized the importance of corporate social responsibility and the value of organizations like SoCalGas prioritizing community support alongside their business operations.

The collaboration between SoCalGas and the LA Regional Food Bank is a shining example of the power of collective action and corporate citizenship in addressing pressing social issues. Through their combined efforts, countless individuals and families in LA County will receive much-needed support, ensuring no one goes hungry in our community.

As we reflect on this partnership, we recognize the incredible impact that can be achieved when organizations come together with a shared vision of creating positive change and fostering a brighter future for all.

Together, #WeFeedLA

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