Ford Drives Change: A Powerful Partnership with the LA Regional Food Bank

Ford Drives Change: A Powerful Partnership with the LA Regional Food Bank

In a continued effort to address food insecurity, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank expresses gratitude to The Southern California Ford Dealers & Ford for their significant contributions. Ford has donated $100,000 and provided 80 volunteers, contributing 200 volunteer hours.

“We extend our great appreciation to Ford & the SoCal Ford Dealers for their support of our work,” said Michael Flood, President and CEO of the LA Regional Food Bank. “Their generous contributions drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the fight against nutrition insecurity in Los Angeles County.”

Ford’s financial support and volunteer engagement mark a substantial commitment to alleviating hunger in the Los Angeles community and will provide hundreds of thousands of meals to people all over Los Angeles County.

“The Southern California Ford Dealers & Ford are honored to stand alongside the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in their mission to combat hunger, and we remain committed to coming together to make a positive impact in the communities we serve,” said Jim Ross, Owner of Ford of Montebello

This contribution comes when the levels of need in Los Angeles County are rising, with 10+% increases in the estimated number of people served in early 2024 compared to early 2023. With the high prices of food and the elevated cost of basic necessities coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and currency inflation, people at various income levels struggle to access the basic needs they need for themselves and their families.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

The impact of Ford’s collaboration extends beyond monetary contributions, reflecting a holistic approach to corporate citizenship. The LA Regional Food Bank recognizes Ford as a notable example of corporate responsibility. The work of the Food Bank relies on the generosity of community partners, individuals, corporations and many others to fight food and nutrition insecurity in our community effectively.

This partnership underscores the importance of corporate and social responsibility, with Ford’s multifaceted support amplifying the reach and effectiveness of the LA Regional Food Bank’s programs.  

In recognizing Ford’s role in the fight against hunger, the LA Regional Food Bank encourages other corporations to follow suit, fostering a collective effort to address pressing social issues. The Food Bank looks forward to a continued partnership with Ford as they work together towards a hunger-free future for Los Angeles County.

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