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Barilla Commissions a Global Angel Wings Project Mural by Colette Miller at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Barilla Commissions a Global Angel Wings Project Mural by Colette Miller at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Barilla, a supporter of the LA Regional Food Bank since 2018 and one of the sponsors of the Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) Program, has partnered with world-renowned artist Colette Miller who has installed one of her famous Global Angel Wings Project murals in the volunteer center at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

In 2020 as food distribution more than doubled, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank had 15,000 volunteers, all who helped to provide critical food assistance throughout Los Angeles County in one of the most trying times in modern history.

“As a company that makes delicious, high-quality food that is good for you, good for the planet and ultimately, good for the community, we are excited to continue our partnership with the LA Regional Food Bank – an organization that distributes nutritious food to our neighbors in need throughout LA County,” said Andrea Dufour, Communication and External PR Manager at Barilla America. “We hope this mural encourages more volunteerism to support the Food Bank and its great mission of getting food into the hands of those who need it most.”

“The LA Regional Food Bank is successful because of our partnerships and supporters,” said President and CEO, Michael Flood. “Barilla is a strong partner of ours in the fight against hunger, and now they are inspiring other people to support the Food Bank by volunteering and getting involved in their community.”

The design of the wings is inspired by a Barilla pasta box and the wheat used to make classic semolina pasta. While the blue and red coloring is reflective of Barilla, the addition of green is symbolic to the LA Regional Food Bank. Miller’s famous Global Angel Wings Project art can be found throughout the world but was started right here in Los Angeles.

“I’m proud to be part of this project,” said Colette Miller. “I hope that when people come to volunteer at the LA Regional Food Bank, they take photos with these wings and motivate their friends and family members to come volunteer as well.”

To see the Global Angel Wings Project mural at the LA Regional Food Bank, sign up to volunteer at LAFoodBank.org/volunteer or sign up for one of the Food Bank’s virtual or in-person tours at LAFoodBank.org/tour.


Barilla is a family company, not listed on the stock exchange, chaired by brothers Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla.  It was founded by their great-grandfather, Pietro Barilla, who opened a bakery in Parma, Italy in 1877. Now, Barilla has become one of the world’s most esteemed food companies and is recognized worldwide for its high-quality food products. With its brands – Barilla, Mulino Bianco, Pan di Stelle, Gran Cereale, Harrys, Pavesi, Wasa, Filiz, Yemina and Vesta, Misko, Voiello and Cucina Barilla – it created joyful, wholesome and honest food, inspired by the Mediterranean Diet and the Italian lifestyle.

When Pietro opened his store more than 140 years ago, his ultimate goal was to make good food. Today, that principle has become Barilla’s way of doing business: “Good for You, Good for the Planet,” a motto that expresses the daily commitment of over 8,000 people who work for the company, and of a supply chain that shares its values and passion for quality.

“Good for You” means constantly improving the product offering, encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyles and facilitating people’s access to food. “Good for the Planet” means promoting sustainable supply chains and reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption.

To learn more: www.barillagroup.com; Twitter: @barillagroup


Colette Miller created the Global Angel Wings Project in 2012, in the streets of Los Angeles, the City of Angels. They were painted to remind humanity that we are the angels of this earth. They are human sized interactive public art, wings that people take photos with and thus become part of the work. The first pair was just street art, but the response was natural, immediate and spontaneous – from people of all sorts of backgrounds. Colette has painted wings globally – Kenya, Australia, Taiwan, France, Cuba, Juarez Mexico, and more, and many in the USA. Though some are commissioned, and others gifted, the wings themselves are free to the world, never owned by anyone, not even Colette, though they are of her provenance and her work.


The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been mobilizing resources to fight hunger in Los Angeles County since 1973. To support the Food Bank’s vision that no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County, food and grocery products are distributed through a network of 700 partner agencies and directly to those in need through Food Bank programs. The Food Bank has distributed more than 1.7 billion pounds of food, the equivalent of 1.35 billion meals, since 1973. The total value of food and grocery product distributed since the Food Bank’s inception is $2.3 billion. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Bank tripled the number of people helped, and now reaches 900,000 people every month. The Food Bank is a 4-star rated charity by Charity Navigator. For more information, visit LAFoodBank.org.

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