King’s Hawaiian and their Employees Fight Hunger

King’s Hawaiian and their Employees Fight Hunger

King’s Hawaiian Matched Employee Contributions to Help Those in Need.

Last October, King’s Hawaiian held an employee giving campaign to help fight hunger in their community. A family run business who believes in excellence and dignity decided to hold an employee giving campaign in which donations were matched by the company. In total, nearly $10,000 were raised, and because $1 dollar donated can provide up to 4 meals, King’s Hawaiian enabled us to provide food for approximately 40,000 meals to those in need.

Generous companies like King’s Hawaiian help the Food Bank distribute more than one million pounds of food each week and reach more than 300,000 people each month. Last year, the Food Bank distributed nearly 82 million pounds of food and product for our neighbors in need; that is enough food for more than 66 million meals.

King’s Hawaiian employees volunteering at the Food Bank

Kings Hawaiian’s Employees Packed Thousands of Food Kits

During the giving campaign, their employees volunteered at the Food Bank to pack food kits for children and seniors. They packed thousands of kits that will be delivered by the Food Bank directly to children and seniors.

The Food Bank provides well-balanced meals and food kits for children facing hunger. This helps prevent nutritional deficiencies that could turn into lifelong health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It also helps to establish healthy eating habits, and provides the nutrition needed to concentrate and perform well in school. Providing food to seniors in our community helps them live longer, happier and healthier lives.

“Our company and staff are committed to sharing our time and resources with our community,” said Roxy Tomacder, Culture Lead & Corporate Office Manager at King’s Hawaiian. “Serving our community with the LA Regional Food Bank is a great volunteer and engagement opportunity! We can bring a large number of employees to pack the kits, and at the end of the day, when you see the pallets of the food kits waiting to go out, you really see the tremendous impact that you are having on the community.”

Roxy Tomacder, Culture Lead & Corporate Office Manager

King’s Hawaiian’s Aloha Culture Emphasizes Community

Mark Taira, the CEO of King’s Hawaiian, instills his family’s values of treating everyone with kindness and respect into his company using “Aloha Culture.”

Mark Taira, the CEO of King’s Hawaiian, volunteering at a Mobile Food Pantry distribution in 2018

“Aloha is about giving as well as receiving, and King’s Hawaiian is dedicated to improving the lives of those who work here and those that live in the community which they live.”

“Aloha is about your community as much as it is about you,” says Roxy. “You can’t put Aloha in the product if it is not in the workplace, and that is why the employee volunteer and giving campaigns that we do are important to us.”

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