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Inflation Is Forcing Families to Turn to Food Pantries Like This One Food Pantry in Irwindale

Inflation Is Forcing Families to Turn to Food Pantries Like This One Food Pantry in Irwindale

Shepherd’s Pantry has served the Foothill communities for over 15 years

The inflation in prices on everyday goods and services like food, gas, rent, and utilities are being seen by everyone and felt by many. Families who were struggling before are having to make greater sacrifices in order to make ends meet and provide for their families. Even those who have never sought food assistance are having to do so for the first time.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and its 600+ partner agencies, including Shepherd’s Pantry in Irwindale, work together to provide food assistance to families in need, whether they seek assistance daily, monthly, or for the first time.

Supplementing CalFresh Benefits

Jeanette is one of the clients that attend Shepherd’s Pantry on a weekly basis. Her husband has had a dislocated leg for over a year, and they cannot get him medical attention, and due to this, he is unable to work to help sustain their five-year-old son.

Attending the weekly food distribution helps them get by, as their CalFresh benefits don’t last more than a couple of weeks. The help they receive at Shepherd’s Pantry has been “a blessing” to their family, Jeanette says. But there is greater hope on the horizon.

At the time of her interview, Jeanette had been unemployed but was starting a new job the following week, giving her and her family a source of income to help improve their situation.

More Options for the Dinner Table

Among the hundreds of items on the rise at the grocery store is meat. According to the US Department of Agriculture, beef and veal have seen a 16.2% increase in prices, while pork and poultry have seen a 13% increase.

For Maria Elena Chavez, attending the distribution at Shepherd’s Pantry offers her an opportunity to not just provide more meals for her family and save on her trip to the grocery store, but to have different options for her family at the dinner table.

Rising Inflation Means Rising Food Insecurity

While many have turned to food pantries to help them get by, others are seeing themselves ask for food assistance for the first time due to the rising cost of food.

Irma Godoy is one of the hundreds of clients that seek assistance at Shepherd’s Pantry in order to help ease her food budget. When she’s able to go to the food pantry, she receives produce, canned goods, snacks, and meat that she no longer needs to buy at the grocery store for her family, allowing her to save money to buy just what she needs.


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