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Thomas Safran and Associates Donate More Than $150,000 to the LA Regional Food Bank to Help Families in Need

Thomas Safran and Associates Donate More Than $150,000 to the LA Regional Food Bank to Help Families in Need

The donation is equivalent to 600,000 meals for families in need throughout Los Angeles County

Thomas Safran and Associates donated more than $150,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as part of the property management company’s “Big Give” campaign. The donation is equivalent to over 600,000 meals for families in need throughout Los Angeles County.

The “Big Give” began in early August for Thomas Safran and its employees. For a span of four weeks, every member of Thomas Safran was encouraged to raise funds and collect food items throughout every Thomas Safran building that would be donated to the Food Bank on a day of volunteering at the new warehouse in the City of Industry.

Together, We Feed LA

The idea for the Big Give was born 15 years ago when Thomas Safran and Associates wanted to give back to a nonprofit organization that was making a big difference in the lives of the people of the City of Los Angeles or LA County, so they reached out to the Food Bank as part of their first campaign.

Fifteen years later, the company returned to the Food Bank and brought along over 250 of its employees and residents, the largest volunteer group the Food Bank has had since the City of Industry warehouse opened its doors for volunteers in July.

“Thomas Safran and Associates is proud to donate a check for $156,000 this year,” said Jordan Pynes, President of Thomas Safran and Associates. “We know it’ll make a huge difference, we know that it translates to 600,000 meals in the community.”

Giving Back Through the Big Give

Over 15 years ago, Lisa Chilton had a full-time job, benefits, a roof over her head, and food on the table. However, two accidents changed Chilton’s life forever. Chilton had to undergo several medical surgeries after these accidents, causing her to be bedridden and therefore, lose her job and source of income.

Chilton went through years of couch surfing, struggling to make ends meet, and receiving food from the Food Bank whenever she could. Now, Chilton finds herself in a manageable situation, having a roof over her head in a Thomas Safran building, but still dependent on the Food Bank boxes to help keep herself healthy and pay her bills.

“If I didn’t have something like the LA Regional Food Bank, there was no way for me to have a decent nutritional feeding,” Chilton said. “As someone who’s about to be 65 years old, with jointed issues, and other health problems that are manageable, nutrition and food is everything in a direct connector to health. Without them, I wouldn’t have the health that I have.”

The Food Bank is grateful to Thomas Safran and Associates, its employees, residents, and vendors for their financial and food donations, and for volunteering. Together, We Feed LA.

Get Involved

When you give $23 monthly, you provide a year’s worth of food to a family in need. Together, #WeFeedLA.

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