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Riot Games creates Social Impact at Food Bank

Riot Games creates Social Impact at Food Bank

Riot Games employees volunteer to help pack food kits for seniors in our community. World leading gaming company, Riot Games, supports the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank through financial support and volunteer commitment. In May, Rioters including programmers, developers, social impact officers and even Dylan Jaeda, president, rolled up their sleeves at one of the best volunteer activities for companies in Los Angeles.

“This is always one of our employees’ favorite social impact activities each year.”

Sue-Min Koh, Karma Manager

Companies like Riot Games that are committed to fostering a fair, collaborative, high-performing culture use employee engagement activities, like volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, to help with team building. Teams are made stronger by participating in these activities. Lessons learned while volunteering allows teams to thrive and reach their peak performance back at the workplace.

“Our Rioters had an AMAZING time and were so incredibly pumped to be giving back to their community in such an engaging way! This is one of our employees’ favorite social impact activities each year,” said Sue-Min Koh, Karma Manager. 

Helping Hands.

Volunteering is critical to the Food Bank. In 2018, more than 37,000 people gave their time sorting, gleaning and packing food. Many of these are large corporate groups that take time out of their busy week not only for team building but also to make an impact in the communities where they live and work.

Riot Games not only volunteers. They also support the Food Bank financially.

Jeffrey Burrell, Head of Karma (Social Impact)

“For companies like Riot Games, it is important to give back to the community where our employees live. With the problem of hunger so prevalent in Los Angeles County, especially children, we want to provide resources to help address the problem,” said Jeffrey Burrell, Head of Karma (Social Impact).

Through Riot Games support, the Food Bank is able to reach thousands of children, seniors, working families and individuals facing hunger in our community. Because of the generous support of companies in our community, the Food Bank is able to provide nutritious food for our neighbors in need so they can prepare well-balanced meals for themselves and their family.

No One Goes Hungry in Los Angeles.

President of Riot Games, Dylan Jaeda, is so committed to fighting hunger in our community he has joined the Board of Directors of the Food Bank. Our Board volunteers to create the strategic direction of the organization and is committed to growing the organization so that we can accomplish our vision that “No one goes hungry in Los Angeles.”

Dylan Jadeja, President

“I joined the Board of the LA Food Bank because I am committed to the fight against hunger and I saw that this was the organization best equipped to make the most impact. When people, in particular kids, don’t know where their next meal is coming from, nothing else matters and they can’t reach their full potential. We are proud to serve the LA Food Bank and all the communities they support.” said Dylan Jadeja, President.”

To see how your company can get involved, go to www.lafoodbank.org/corporatesponsorships or contact Christina Quezada at cquezada@lafoodbank.org.

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