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College Corps Fellows Help the LA Regional Food Bank Fight Hunger

College Corps Fellows Help the LA Regional Food Bank Fight Hunger

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is proud to host 29 fellows from California State University, LA, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, University of California, LA, Rio Hondo College, Glendale Community College, and East Los Angeles College through the #CaliforniansForAllCollegeCorps initiative. 

In February 2023, California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday and California Volunteers, Office of the Governor announced applications for the initiative, where more than 3,000 students were selected from partner campuses to participate in the 2023-2024 academic year. 

College Corps is a statewide, paid service program designed to provide students with meaningful work to college students in exchange for serving their communities. The program helps students graduate on time and with less debt, all while accumulating invaluable professional experience. Students receive up to $10,000 in exchange for completing 450 hours of community service. 

The College Corps Fellows at the Food Bank primarily help with food kitting, sorting, running volunteer events, volunteer outreach, and special projects, including collecting food donations at last year’s Rose Bowl Food Drive. 

One of the College Corps Fellows at the Food Bank is Kaitlyn, and she recently shared her story with the Food Bank. 

“College Corps is a program in the state of California where college students help out in their community, whether it be K-12 education, food insecurity or with climate change. We’re all part of this program where we are trying to make our communities a better place one step at a time.” 

Kaitlyn shares that she personally experienced food and nutrition insecurity, especially during the pandemic and now being able to give back has been gratifying for her. 

“When I found out about food insecurity and the chance of being able to volunteer at the Food Bank, I took that chance, and I’m happy I did. It means a lot to me to be able to volunteer here – it gives me that feeling of fulfillment and it’s a rewarding feeling because I know that I’m giving back and because I know that I went through a similar situation. Knowing that families in need have something to eat and food on their table – it’s one of the best feelings that I’ve ever felt. One box at a time – it makes a big difference.”

The Food Bank is thankful to Kaitlyn and all of the College Corps Fellows who are helping the Food Bank and our partners reach the estimated two million food-insecure individuals of LA County access nutritious food. Together, #WeFeedLA. 

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Consider volunteering at the Food Bank and help your neighbors in need. Together, #WeFeedLA.

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